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Whenever there is a change of command in a military unit, a Change of Command ceremony is conducted. The formal ceremony
represents an official transfer of leadership and responsibility from one leader to another. Usually the outgoing commander is promoted
or transferred to another place of service and the incoming commander assumes command of that particular unit.

Here at Baptist International Missions, Inc. (BIMI), there are times when a similar change occurs. One director moves on to another
responsibility and a new director is installed. On June 4, 2019, the BIMI Board of Trustees voted to move Dr. Jeff Alverson, Military
Director, to the position of International Representative of Military Missions. Bryan Baggett, Assistant Director, was moved into the
position of Military Director. The transfer officially took place on June 8, 2019.

Bryan Baggett and his wife, Kris, are former BIMI
missionaries who served in Venezuela and were forced
to leave when the dictator Hugo Chavez expelled all the
American missionaries in 2003. Since that time, Brother
Baggett has pastored in the States. In November 2018,
he and his wife were reinstated as BIMI missionaries to
the military.

As International Representative of Military Missions,
Dr. Alverson will continue to work in a different capacity
with military missions. He and Joyce are looking forward
to their new assignment, as this will give them more
time and opportunity to spend with the missionaries on
the field.

We believe Brother Bryan Baggett will be a great director,
and he and his wife will serve our military missionaries
faithfully and efficiently. We encourage our readers to
pray for them as well as for the Alversons.