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preached to settlers, African Americans, and In-
dians. Lady Huntingdon’s purpose in life was to
share the Gospel, not only in England but also
around the world. Shortly before her death, she
spoke of her hopes of sending two missionaries
to Tahiti.

In 1789, Selina’s health began to fail. She
became frail in body, but her mind was still clear.

In spite of her pain and suffering, she remained
cheerful. She had no fear of death and looked
forward to going to heaven. She often said, “My
work is done; I have nothing to do but go to my
heavenly Father.” 1
hen Selina, Countess of Huntingdon,
closed her eyes in death on June 17,
1791, there were children in an or-
phanage in Savannah, Georgia, being taught
the message of salvation. There were preachers
being trained in a Bible college in Breconshire,
Wales. There were converts rejoicing in their
salvation in Sierra Leone, Africa. There were
local churches all over England proclaiming the
story of Jesus. The touch of her gentle hands had
reached onto continents and to dark corners of
the earth where no light had ever shown.

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Built in 1878,
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1Kirby, Gilbert W., “The Elect Lady,” URL (2018).

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