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Work of
Friends Dear BIMI,
I really enjoy reading the NATIONS
MAGAZINE, especially the articles by the
Rays. I was touched by the story of when
they first went to England and the opposi-
tion they encountered. I enjoyed Mary
Ray’s story about Latvia. Your magazine is
a real tribute to missionaries. Thank you.

—Al Mjaanes, Bridgeville, Delaware
We gave John our copy of Journey to
Eternity and it was a blessing to him and
his family. I have a friend who has some
questions about eternity. I promised to get
him a copy of your book if possible. We
thank the Lord for you and for Mary and
your wonderful ministry. We are praying
for you.

—Susan Lord, Macon, Georgia
Dear Dr. Ray:
I enjoyed reading the last issue of the
enjoyed the article about Charles Darwin.

My wife and I were missionaries in Argen-
tina for almost 40 years. Once, one of my
sons and I made a trip to Tierra del Fuego.

We went on an excursion to where they
showed us where some of those primi-
tive people lived. They said they lived in
holes in the ground and, to keep warm,
they wrapped moss around them that they
pulled out of the sea. Very interesting.

—Russell George, Silva, Missouri
Dear Brother and Sister Ray,
I need to let you know that we are
blessed by the NATIONS MAGAZINE
and your DVDs. Harry so loves the
Cherokees. He is the great, great grandson
of Humphrey Posey and has the same pic-
ture you show in The Trail of Tears DVD.

As far as we know, he is the first preacher
in the family since Humphrey Posey. We
pray for you daily and your wonderful
ministry. —Harry and Joyce Ramsey,
Waverly, Ohio
Dear Dr. Ray and BIMI:
Thanks so much for sending us the NA-
TIONS MAGAZINE. It is the only maga-
zine I read from cover to cover. God bless
all of the ministries of BIMI. Enclosed is
our gift for this work.

—Albert and Rebecca Watkins,
Clayton, North Carolina
Dear Dr. Ray:
We recently received the latest issue of
the NATIONS MAGAZINE. As always, it
is educational and inspiring, and we love
to “visit” those places that you and Mrs.

Ray go to. Of special interest to us are the
Bible distribution projects that you initiate.

We would love to be a part of the re-
seeding of the United Kingdom. Enclosed
is our contribution.

—John and Terry Cross, Lucas, Ohio
Dear Dr. Ray:
Our son, John, lost his 15-year battle
with colon cancer on January 12 of this
year. He is now with the Lord, and we
rejoice that he is not in pain and suffer-
ing any more, even though we miss him.

Dear Dr. Ray,
I wanted to tell you I enjoyed the NA-
TIONS MAGAZINE I received this week.

Keep up the good work, my Brother.

—Pastor Lanny Tate, Way of the
Cross Baptist Church, Dunlap, Tennessee
Dear James and Mary,
When I read about Latvia (the
article Mary wrote in the NATIONS
MAGAZINE), I was reminded that I
should help with a donation. Sorry I have
been late. The article brought tears to my
eyes because I have several Bibles and
helps from other books. May God bless
you in your work and give you health
and strength to do His work. I will pray
for you.

—Lula Mae Wright, Hendersonville,
North Carolina
Dear Brother Ray,
We received the shipment of New
Testaments on Thursday, 28 June. Ev-
erything went smoothly. The shipping
company was very good and communi-
cated with me, giving me an update of
their arrival time every few days, leading
up to the delivery date. They even called
me afterwards to verify that I had received
the delivery. Many thanks.

—Leonard James, Woodhill Baptist
Church, Colwyn Bay, Wales
Dear Dr. Ray,
Marsha and I received the magazine.

We are thankful for being part of your
team. The New Testaments were beauti-
ful and a first class evangelistic project.

We have people coming to our church as
a result of this. We had a few folk who
made calls and sent emails FULL of hate,
but that was because the message of these
Bibles could not be avoided.

We have about 600 more of these to
distribute and we will get that done very
soon. The harvest from these Bibles is not
over. —Arvin and Marsha Devers,
Kilmarnock, Scotland
Dear Dr. Ray,
and the articles you share. We learn so
much and pray for you.

—Don and Shirley Pruim, Leslie,
Georgia DAVID
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