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one generation
passeth away,
and another
generation cometh.

Ecclesiastes 1:4

We spend our
years as a tale
that is told.

Psalm 90:9
By James Ray
Every Day—I am reminded that MY LIFE is ebbing
away—that soon my voice will be silent—and my life
will be but a memory, but god keeps good records.

We are each one speeding toward
the finish line—day by day.

graVEs EVEry day!
The howling desert winds,
sweeping across the plain,
dried the tears of those
people huddled around
graves of loved ones.

The children of Israel
had turned back right at
the brink of the Promised
Land. Because of their
lack of faith, they would
wander in the desert for
40 years until that genera-
tion had died. Every day
there were graves, tears,
and heartaches.

Moses, who penned Psalm 90,
was eyewitness to the sorrow. He
lived in the midst of a people doomed
Home of the Ray Family
to die in the wilderness. His words
drew a graphic picture of the brevity
of life. He had watched these people
live—and DIE. Their experience was
as a short story. We spend our years
as a tale that is told.

Life is the shortest story ever
told. Moses suggested that (bar-
ing early tragedy) man
might live on the earth
70 and perhaps 80 years.

seventy years consist of
only 25,550 days. Think
of that! Moses is saying
that our lives are only a
handful of days. He em-
phasizes in Psalm 90:12,
So teach us to number
our days, that we may
apply our hearts unto
wisdom—our days…not
our YEARS.

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