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James, describing the uncer-
tainty of our lives, wrote:
Ye know not what shall be on the
morrow. For what is your life? It is
even a vapour, that appeareth for a
little time, and then vanisheth away
(James 4:14).

Moses declared that our lives were
only a “handful of days.” James de-
clares that our lives are but “vapors of
time.” It seems that all of the prophets
and great Christians of the Bible were
gripped with the fact of having SO
LITTLE TIME. Realizing this should
lead us to weigh carefully the days of
our lives.

David Livingstone
Every day should be considered a
jewel, which can never be replaced. I
am a lover of history. I have a convic-
tion that for us to fully understand the
day in which we presently live, we
have to examine our yesterdays. We
are the product of GENERATIONS
PAST. Recently, I stood at a grave in a
little cemetery across from the house
where I was born. In fact, my six
brothers and sisters were all born in
that splendid old farmhouse. As I
stood at my brother Bobby’s grave and
John Bunyan
glanced across the road to that house,
a thousand memories passed through
my mind. There had been seven of
us who played in that yard and grew
up in that home with a loving mother
and father. The years had taken them
all away except me. All the years of
time seemed as but yesterday…a tale
that is told. I was saying goodbye to
the last one that day. I, alone, was left
to cherish those memories across the
way. In my travels around the world,
I have taken time to visit museums,
cemeteries, and archives where our
past lies buried. It has been an incred-
ible journey to follow the steps of
those who made a difference.

In England in the greatest cathe-
dral of them all, Westminster Abbey,
I stood at the grave of DAVID
LIVINgsToNE. David Livingstone
left his home in Scotland and explored
the depths of dark Africa. Through the
jungles, he walked more than 29,000
miles, administering medicine and
preaching the Gospel of Peace. ONE

JoHN BuNYAN was born in El-
stow Village near Bedford, England,
in 1628. Imprisoned for his faith, he
sat down in Bedford jail and wrote
Pilgrim’s Progress―a book that has
touched the world for more than 300
from Edinburgh, Scotland, gave us
the telephone and seven billion peo-
ple are touched every day by his in-
vention. ONE MAN MADE A DIF-
FERENCE. THoMAs EDIsoN invented a
thousand things, including the elec-
tric light bulb. Every night cities and
villages, housing billions of people
in every country of the world, have
LIGHT in their darkness. ONE MAN

CLARA BARToN, a nurse, saw
Clara Barton
hundreds of soldiers dying on the
battlefields of the Civil War for lack
of attention. Untold thousands bled to
death. she was HEARTsICK with
the condition of these dying men.

she secured a wagon, equipped it
with medicine and first aid. The
officers in charge refused to let her
go—a WoMAN on the BATTLE-
CLARA BARToN would not
give up. She approached the general

over and over again. She had a plan.

Finally, he gave in and gave her a pass.

Clara Barton labored unceasingly day
and night, saving thousands of lives.

She became one of the most famous
women of the Civil War—nicknamed

Her movement became known as the
The greatest people who ever lived
were great because they wanted to
make a difference in the lives of oth-
ers. Great men and women intrigue
us all, but what all of these men and
women have in common with you and
me is—ONE THING—24 hours in a
day. God gave them a measure of time.

It was how they used what God had
given them that made a difference.

Assuming that you might live 70
or 80 years, how many days might
you have remaining? Count the days
you have already spent. Your life is
the shortest story ever told. Make
a difference in your life—your
family—your community—your
church! Edgar Guest had it right.

A few strike out without map or chart,
Where never a man has been,
From the beaten paths they
draw apart
To see what no man has seen.

There are deeds they hunger
alone to do;
Though battered and bruised
and sore,
They blaze the path for the many, who
Do nothing not done before.

A few more years to sow and reap
A few more years to smile and weep
A few more years to wake and sleep
And then―eternity.

A few more miles for weary feet
A few more trials yet to meet
A few more lessons to complete
And then―eternity.

Our life how soon it will be past
The golden hours are going fast
This very day may be our last
And then―eternity.

As fades the mist before the sun
As song that dies as just begun
So passes life so quickly gone
And then…
Eternity So teach us to number our
days, that we may apply our
hearts unto wisdom.

—Thomas O. Chisholm
Psalm 90:12
The 100+Nations Ministry
an organIzatIon oF
Target Nations and Fields
— Albania, Armenia,
Belgium, Portugal, Finland,
Macedonia/serbia, surina-
me, French guiana, slo-
vakia, Holland, slovenia,
Latvia, Myanmar (Pray
that this country
will soon be open for
resident missionaries.)
Your friendship for the un-
reached nations of the world
and for the servants of God is
priceless. In reality BIMI is an
organization of FRIENDS―
friends working together to
share the Good News of Jesus
Christ. What can you do?
Friends! ADoPT A CouNTRY.

Survey the list of names at the
bottom of this article and ask
God to lay a country on your
heart. Pray for that country. Gather data on the need. Ask
God to send men and women there to evangelize.

sPoNsoR THE 100+NATIoNs MINIsTRY and the
James and Mary Ray as they head up these ministries.

Friends of this ministry receive the NATIONS MAGAZINE
and other reports to keep them informed on their ministry
as friends.

For further information or available
speaking dates, contact:
PO Box 9, Harrison, Tennessee 37341
Cell Phone 423-802-5198
BIMI Office 423-344-5050