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By Roger Blevins, South America Director
Communist, was saved and became a linguist
Tom and Carolyn Pace arrived in Peru in July
and Bible translator. Moiséis, heavily steeped
1967—more than 51years ago! After language
in leftist doctrine, was saved and consequently
school the Paces gained experience by helping
abandoned his ungodly beliefs for Bible
veteran BIMI missionaries Doug and Mildred
doctrine, eventually becoming the pastor of
Craig in a new church plant in Chosica. They
the church the Paces planted in Jauja.

moved in 1972 to the small Andean mountain
village of Jauja, located in the Mantaro Valley
In addition to Communism, other common
(altitude 11,000 feet). Tom and
foes of the Gospel—alcoholism,
Carolyn were the only gringos
drug addiction, and false cults—
in town and some residents
were also prevalent in Jauja.

thought they were CIA agents
Word had gotten around that
sent there to keep an eye on
the American missionaries had
growing communistic activity
Bibles for sale. The Paces were
among the people. Little by little
the only ones in town who sold
the true purpose of their coming
Bibles. When Señor Rivas, a
to Jauja began to be revealed as
convert to Mormonism, wanted
they faithfully and consistently
a Bible, the local Mormon
preached the Gospel through
elders sent him to them to buy
words and deeds. It would be
one. As Tom showed him some
impossible to tell everything
Bibles, Señor Rivas shared his
the Lord has done through the
“testimony” about how he had
ministry of Tom and Carolyn
been persuaded to embrace
Pace in Peru, but here are a few Tom & Carolyn Pace Mormonism.

A respected
remarkable testimonies of some of the things
principal of a local school, Señor Rivas spoke
God has been doing the last 51 years—and
about how he had “given up” on religion and
counting! was living a wasted life until the Mormons
“rescued” him. After he had selected the Bible
In those early days in Jauja, three prominent
he wanted, Tom asked if he would like some
men in the local Communist Movement
pointers on reading it. He gladly accepted the
opposed Tom and Carolyn, propagating
help and they turned to the “I AM” verses in
the rumor that they were “American spies.”
the Gospel of John. Señor Rivas was fascinated!
However, by the grace of God, all three of these
When they got to John 14:6, Jesus saith unto
men were eventually saved! Juan P. was a local
him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no
miner and labor union activist. After he was
man cometh unto the Father, but by me, Señor
saved, his activism continued, but instead of
Rivas stopped short and read it over again,
organizing communist leaning labor unions,
then repeated it several times and exclaimed:
he began organizing Gospel ministries in the
“That is it; that is it; that is what I am looking
surrounding mining towns and villages high
for.” The light of the Gospel brought him to his
up in the Andes. Juan R., who had also been
knees in the living room of the Paces’ house as
a radical labor leader and a card-carrying
he surrendered his life to Christ. Señor Rivas
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went back to his Mormon Sunday school class
and started teaching the Bible way of salvation,
but the elders soon stopped that and kicked
him out. After that, “Brother Rivas” began to
look up some of his Mormon friends and was
instrumental in converting many of them from
Mormonism to Christianity as he shared the
truth about how Christ had changed his life.

The Paces remained in the Mantaro Valley
until 1985 when the Lord led them to relocate
to Lima, the capital city of Peru, where they
continue to faithfully serve the Lord in an
area of the city called La Molina. The Lord has
raised up a vibrant church that is now under
the leadership of a national pastor and averages
around 650 every Sunday. There is also an
English-speaking Christian day school with
more than 300 students and a senior citizen
literacy ministry using the Bible as a textbook.

The church in La Molina has sent out several
pastors to plant other churches in Lima and
around Peru. All of these ministries continue
to contribute to the growing tally of many
thousands of souls led to Christ over the years
through the presence and influence of Tom
and Carolyn Pace.

Carolyn heads up the adult literacy ministry.

They are working in nine different senior
citizen centers around the city. Unable to
read, most of these people have relied all
their lives on good works, keeping the Ten
Commandments, and receiving the sacraments
of the Catholic church to get them to heaven.

Last year BIMI was able to help pay for large-
print copies of the Gospels to use as textbooks
in the government-run senior citizen centers.

What an amazing door the Lord has opened!
Only the Lord can open the hearts and minds
of these senior adults so that they will be able
to understand that if man can work for his
salvation, then Christ died in vain (Galatians
2:21). These people have lived all their lives
under the shadow of religion; thus, salvation
by grace alone is not an easy concept to accept.

Now, as the seniors learn to read God’s Word,
little by little, the Gospel is dispelling that
shadow of religion and replacing it with the
Light of the glorious Gospel of Christ.

Through the ministry in La Molina, Brother
Tom met Roberto, a world-class high jumper
who had represented Peru in the Olympic
Games in Russia and Mexico. Sadly, Roberto
had fallen victim to alcoholism and drug
addiction. By the time Tom met him, he had
already been saved and had begun the difficult
struggle to overcome his addictions. Tom
began to disciple Roberto, and through the
power of Christ and the fellowship with other
believers, he was able to overcome those vices.

Roberto surrendered to the call of God and
became a pastor while continuing to compete
and win a world high jump championship in
the World Masters Athletics Division.

Today, Roberto, now in his 70s, serves as the La
Molina church’s Senior Citizens Pastor. Having
competed in athletic events all over the world,
Roberto continues to use his athletic ability to
train senior citizens for competitions. Before
each training session Roberto shares the Gospel.

Born to an Arabian family in Bethlehem, Israel,
Roberto now has a burden to get the Gospel to
his own people, the Palestinians.

The church in La Molina is doing much to
extend the Gospel far beyond their community.

Through the church’s strong Faith Promise
missions commitment, they have sent Peruvian
missionaries to Ecuador, Germany, China,
Kurdistan, Iran, Morocco, India, Mozambique,
and Houston, Texas. The Paces were sent to
Peru more than 50 years ago. Now their church
in Peru is sending Peruvians to the uttermost
part of the world! And they went forth, and
preached everywhere (Mark 16:20).

Now in his late 70s, Tom has recently taken on
a new challenge as the missionary/pastor of a
relatively new church plant, designed to reach
English-speaking Peruvians and the English-
speaking expatriate community in Lima.

As we said at the beginning—51 Years and
Counting! W
Number 1, 2019