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By Alan Brooks
It is with great joy that we announce that Phase 1 of the
Papua New Guinea (PNG) Bible Distribution is complete!
When we first began to give Bibles to the students of PNG,
the magnitude was overwhelming. Distributing Bibles to all
of the secondary schools would be a massive undertaking. It
was necessary to raise $810,000 for Phase 1. God is so good
and God’s people responded over and above what we could
ask or think. Bibles have been purchased for the secondary
schools and another 500,000 for the primary schools (56%
of the Bibles needed for all the primary schools).

Donors have contributed over $2.3 million.

Many have asked what
Thank you! The only secondary schools that have
they can do to help.

not received their Bibles are in the earthquake
Pray for travel safety for the
area and the schools are not open. We are
distribution teams.

continuing to pray for the needed $1.5 million to
2 Pray that God’s Word will find
complete Phase 2 (primary schools).

good ground.

Continue to give—$3 puts a Bible
Please keep all the workers in your prayers as
into a student’s hand.

we attempt to accomplish this project. Only
Share this tremendous project
eternity will truly reveal the impact of this Bible
with others.

Distribution. It has been said numerous times,
Pray about coming to help
“You cannot have a harvest if you do not sow the
distribute. Spots available for men
seed, and the most fertile soil stays barren if the
only at this time. Contact Alan
seed is not sown.”
Brooks for information at alanb@ or (423) 504-3132.

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Number 1, 2019