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The 2019 theme I have chosen for BIMI is
Moving Forward by Faith. As Christians, we
need to be continually moving. However,
just moving is not enough; we must be
moving forward. Obviously, as we move
forward, it is imperative that we do so
by faith. In this editorial, I would like to
emphasize the key words of this theme as
they relate to the Great Commission.

First, the word moving is a word of action.

There is no room for apathy, indifference,
or laziness
when considering the task
of going into all the
world and preaching
the Gospel to every
creature (Mark 16:15).

The first part of the
Great Commission is
the word Go—another
action word. If we do
not obey this part of
Christ’s command, the
rest of the job will be
David H. Snyder
President/General Director left undone. Sadly, many
Christians today seem to be motivated and
energized about many things other than
reaching the world with the good news of
Number 1, 2019
salvation. Considering the fields that are
white already to harvest (John 4:35), we
cannot afford to sit still and assume that
the job will somehow be accomplished by
someone else sometime in the future. Every
Christian needs to take an active role in
winning the world to Christ. As you read
this article, ask yourself the question “What
am I deliberately doing in my life right now
to obey the Great Commission?”
The second word of our theme is
forward, which is a word of direction.

We should always be advancing the cause
of Christ. To stand still or move backward
is unacceptable and unthinkable when
considering the enormity of the harvest.

Sadly, many Christians are “stuck” in the
past. Although it is true that the past is a
wonderful place to visit, it is nonetheless a
terrible place to live. We cannot be content
with what has been accomplished in the
“good ol’ days,” but we must look to the
future and realize there is still much more
to be done. It is important that we forget
those things which are behind, and reach
forth unto those things which are before
(Philippians 3:13). Additionally, just as
going backward is not an option, so also