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I recently received the following story from one of our national pastors.

Each student and each teacher is receiving this precious gift with thankful hearts. The pastors
in East New Britain (a province in PNG) are working together to give out the Word of God
free of charge.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to our donors: churches, groups, individuals,
and coordinators. You are always in our prayer of thanksgiving for your kind hearts. One
particular Deputy Head Teacher
was quoted as saying that he
was going to start a devotional
routine for all the students/
605,000 — Bibles in country at this time
teachers to read in sequence and
450,000 — Bibles distributed
to understand the first seven (7)
165,000 — Bibles ordered and on the way to PNG
pages of the book (the plan of
770,000 — Bibles in country by June 2019
salvation). A principal of a big
344 — Secondary schools completed (all done
school of around 1,500 recipients
that can be done at this time)
said that he can now relate with
— Total
primary schools in country
students through the WORD
— Primary
schools completed (more
OF GOD because they have one
being done every day)
version, the King James Bible, a
(+ 16 Universities/Colleges receiving Bibles)
love gift from you to them. (edited
for clarity)
I look forward to the day we can say, “Phase 2 is done!” Only God can do what has been done and,
Lord willing, will be done. W