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I recently received the following story from one of our national pastors.

Each student and each teacher is receiving this precious gift with thankful hearts. The pastors
in East New Britain (a province in PNG) are working together to give out the Word of God
free of charge.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to our donors: churches, groups, individuals,
and coordinators. You are always in our prayer of thanksgiving for your kind hearts. One
particular Deputy Head Teacher
was quoted as saying that he
was going to start a devotional
routine for all the students/
605,000 — Bibles in country at this time
teachers to read in sequence and
450,000 — Bibles distributed
to understand the first seven (7)
165,000 — Bibles ordered and on the way to PNG
pages of the book (the plan of
770,000 — Bibles in country by June 2019
salvation). A principal of a big
344 — Secondary schools completed (all done
school of around 1,500 recipients
that can be done at this time)
said that he can now relate with
— Total
primary schools in country
students through the WORD
— Primary
schools completed (more
OF GOD because they have one
being done every day)
version, the King James Bible, a
(+ 16 Universities/Colleges receiving Bibles)
love gift from you to them. (edited
for clarity)
I look forward to the day we can say, “Phase 2 is done!” Only God can do what has been done and,
Lord willing, will be done. W

Dr. Grant Carter
Missionary Emeritus
went Home to be with
the Lord on Monday, August 20, 2018. He joined BIMI in 1975 and retired in
December 2017, having faithfully served 42 years. His specific mission field was
to the African American community. Brother Carter organized seven churches
and five Bible institutes to train men for the ministry.

Ruth Owens
(57) went Home to be with the Lord on
BIMI Missionary
Friday, July 13, 2018. Ruth was a native-born Mexican, born in Ciudad Mante,
Tamaulipas, Mexico. She was raised in a strong Christian family who came to
Christ because of the Gospel ministry of missionaries in Mexico. Ruth was very
active in her local church and was a teacher and principal of two schools in rural
Mexico when she met BIMI Missionary Larry Owens who was in Mexico for
language school.

Ruth and Larry were married January 31, 1986. They began their missionary service in Argentina
in 1987, ministering first in Buenos Aries for a year, then moving to San Miguel de Tucumán,
where they have been faithfully serving the Lord for 30 years.

Ruth’s family was gloriously saved due to the direct ministry of missionaries to her country and
three of her uncles are preachers. As a missionary herself, she faithfully carried on the spiritual
heritage she had received.

Joyce Touchton and her husband, Ken, joined BIMI in 1961. Before
going to the island of Abaco, they served in the Caicos Islands with Jim Cooper,
who at that time was an independent missionary. Their 38-year ministry in the
Caribbean witnessed the establishment of five churches and a correspondence
ministry that reached 15 to 17 inhabited islands. They established Calvary Baptist
Church and Academy where many students came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as
their Savior.

Upon hearing of the death of Joyce, former students from Calvary Baptist Academy wrote words
of comfort to the family. One student wrote, “You couldn’t find a sweeter heart than hers, and I
can still hear her voice after all these years. She invested her time and love into so many of us kids,
and I’m forever grateful.”
During their 36 years with BIMI, Ken and Joyce also served on the council of BIMI of the
Bahamas. They retired in 1999.

Larry Simensen
went Home to be with the
Missionary Emeritus
Lord on Sunday, November 25, 2018. Brother Larry spent 20 years in the Air
Force, where he was saved as a young man in Okinawa, Japan. Larry and his wife,
Phyllis, joined BIMI in June 1989. They served with the military ministries for
29 years. During that time, they faithfully served in Puerto Rico and Germany.

Memorial Gifts have been received in memory of

Jimmie Clarice Dans
William Godfrey
Clyde Simpson
Pastor Caswell
Louise Monday
Betty Holland
Elizabeth Jiles
William Danner
Nancy Stutz Martin
by Jim Lilley
by Philadelphia Baptist Church
by Iglesia Bautista La Fe
by Friendship Baptist Church
by Patricia Anderson
by Patricia Anderson
by Patricia Anderson
by Bible Baptist Church
by Faith Baptist Church
Chick Harris
Gene Pendleton
Guy Savoie
Hope Belmonte
Joshua Kelsey
Arlyene Kelsey
Francis Weaver
Francis Weaver
Bob Garrison
by Patricia Henderson
by Patricia Henderson
by Anne Auldridge
by Fellowship Baptist Church
by Jerry Kelsey
by Jerry Kelsey
by Jeremy & Laura Weary
by Pastor & Mrs Harkless O’Bryant
by Patricia Henderson