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INC., was founded in 1960 as an independent
Baptist faith mission. BIMI is a fundamental
mission agency, true to the Word of God in
doctrine and method. The purpose of BIMI is to
assist fundamental Baptist churches in fulfilling
our Lord’s command to evangelize the world with
the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our objectives are to
establish indigenous Baptist churches and train
national pastors and leaders. There are over 900
missionaries with BIMI working in 100 fields of
the world.

David Pittman, Chairman; Chris Edwards,
Vice Chairman; David Snyder, President; J.B.

Godfrey, Vice President; James Butler, Corporate
Secretary; Michael Edwards, Treasurer; Jeff
Amsbaugh, Andy Bloom, Paul Chappell, John
Collier, Michael Creed, Nathan Deatrick, Bill
Egerdahl, John Godfrey, C.O. Grinstead, Rodney
Kelley, James Ray, Don Sisk, Rusty Smith, Ray
Thompson, Robert Wall, Tom Wallace
David Snyder, General Director; JB Godfrey,
Executive Director; James Butler, International
Office Director;
Doug Cunningham,
Comptroller; Jeff Alverson, Military; Jeff Bassett,
Enrichment; Roger Blevins, South America;
Eric Bohman, Africa; Alan Brooks, Assistant
Southeast Asia; Tony Bulawa, Far North; Dan
DeLong, Candidate, Deputation; Bob Green,
Aviation; David Harris, Far East; Ed Hembree,
Europe; Terry Jones, Central America; Robert
Larson, USA; Jim Lilley, Estate Planning; Sean
Lunday, Brazil; Steven Maldoff, Southeast Asia;
Don Sisk, General Director Emeritus; Gary
Sprunger, Caribbean; Ray Thompson, Executive
Director Emeritus; Carl Vonnoh, CLAIM
REPRESENTATIVES Gailen Abbett, John Bailes, Dennis Bellew,
Pat Creed, Bob Green, Mark Logan, Michael
McCombie, James Ray, Jimmy Rose
STAFF Ken Catoe, Printing Services; Kevin Wnuk,
Computer Services
BIMI World
David Snyder, Executive Editor; Ken Catoe,
Editor; Jonathan Bergen, Designer; Field
Editors: Eric Bohman, Africa; Alan Brooks,
Southeast Asia; Tony Bulawa, Far North; David
Harris, Far East; Stuart Jellison, Military; Ed
Johnson, Brazil; Robert Larson, USA; Mark
Lockhart, Central America; Gary Sprunger,
Caribbean; Donald Thatcher, Europe; Clint
Vernoy, South America
Official Publication of
Baptist International Missions, Inc.

All Scripture quotations are from the KJV.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 9 - Harrison, TN 37341
Shipping Address:
8614 Harrison Bay Road - Harrison, TN 37341
Phone: (423) 344-5050 / Fax: (423) 344-4774 /
BIMI Canada:
100 Ridgewood Ave. - Guelph, ON N1H 6C5
519-265-1950 The past is a
wonderful place
to visit but it is
a terrible place
to live.

going around the Great
Commission is
not acceptable. When we know
the particulars of how God
wants us to be personally
involved in praying, giving,
and going, we must never
modify His plan. If Israel
had tried to go around the
Red Sea rather than obey God’s command to “go forward”
(Exodus 14:15), they would have never experienced that
amazing, victorious, and rewarding walk on dry ground.

Whatever specific task the Lord gives us, we should turn
not to the right hand nor to the left (Proverbs 4:27), but
rather move forward in order to experience an amazing, a
victorious, and a rewarding walk with God.

The final word of our theme is faith. Faith is a word of
assurance. By faith we are confidently assured that God
will indeed do everything He said He would do. Faith is the
substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen
(Hebrews 11:1). It is interesting to note that faith, in
addition to being a word of assurance, is a word of action as
well as direction. This is true because the natural result of
faith is obedient action in following the direction God
gives. Thus, it is by faith that we are to move forward,
seeking God’s help and trusting tenaciously in His power,
presence, protection, and provision. As we do God’s will,
our faith will be tested and tried. Therefore, we must trust
God even when He does not answer the way we want Him
to or even when we do not know how everything will turn
out or even when something takes longer than we think it
should. If faith the size of a grain of mustard seed can move
mountains, then surely we can—by obedient faith—please
Christ by accomplishing His Great Commission.

As we look toward the
rest of this year and the
final days before the Lord
returns, please join me in
moving forward by faith. Let
us not allow the world, the
flesh, or the devil to lull us
(Hebrews 11:6)
into inactivity. We cannot
sit still because sitting still is synonymous with moving
backward. It is essential that we go forward and not around
the many Red Sea encounters we will experience during
our Great Commission journey. Moving forward by faith
not only pleases God (Hebrews 11:6a) but also compels
us to earnestly seek God, Who is a rewarder of them that
diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6b). W
Without faith
it is impossible
to please God.

Number 1, 2019