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By Gary Sprunger, Caribbean Director
On March 15, 1979, I landed our Beechcraft Queenaire
at Pearls Airport in Grenada. Little did I realize the
severity of the situation I would find. Dictator Maurice
Bishop had just pulled off a coup with his New Jewel
Movement and the People’s Revolutionary Army. Just
a few days earlier, the Medlin family had contacted me to
facilitate their leaving the island. Upon arrival, I parked the
airplane on the side of the tarmac. As I departed down the air stair
door, 15 Grenadian soldiers in Cuban military attire greeted me. Each
was equipped with an AK-47 rifle, locked, and loaded. One young man
stuck the muzzle into my nose while another pushed his muzzle into my
stomach. I watched as they proceeded to ravage through the interior of
the airplane.

The reality that the Caribbean was changing fast was confirmed that day.

For two days I was followed around by a government agent. When the
Medlin family and I left Grenada that week, I wondered if Grenada would
ever open again to missionaries. The communist/socialist influence was
causing a domino effect in the islands. Many were being influenced by
Liberation Theology and the doors of opportunity were quickly closing
in the Caribbean.

Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye
everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.

Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty,
the Lord mighty in battle (Psalm 24:7–8).

We serve the LORD strong and mighty! Although doors were
closing, God had a plan to re-open them and reignite a desire
to see souls saved and churches established in the islands.

Joseph and Donalie Childers answered God’s call to the
islands and joined BIMI in June 2012. By 2016, they were in
Grenada, assisting a national pastor as they sought a location
to start a new church in Grenville. Although Grenville is the
second largest town in Grenada, no independent Baptist
church had been started in this needy area.

The Lord provided an upstairs area over a café, located right
in front of the oldest Catholic church building in town. An
Number 1, 2019

appropriate name was given
to the church, Lifeline Baptist
Church. The people of Grenville
can associate with this name
since many are fishermen in the
Atlantic. After Missionary Coco Chan was
denied a visa to Trinidad, God
opened the door for her to join
Joseph and Donalie Childers in
Grenada. The doors have opened
for her to share the Gospel in the
youth correctional center and
in schools. Every month, the
Childers and Coco have seen
many professions of faith. God is
doing a wonderful work!
Although I left Grenada 39 years
ago, wondering what would be
the fate of this politically torn
island, today Lifeline Baptist
Church sits about one mile from
where those young Grenadians
accosted me. No doubt we serve
the King of Glory—STRONG