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My name is Savannah Jellison and I was born
into a military home in 2001. A little later in
2013 my parents became missionaries. That
makes me a Military Kid AND a Missionary
Kid. Let me tell you what it means to me to be
both. What would being a Military Kid entail? Well, I
will start with where we have lived. I was born
in Alamogordo, New Mexico (I have actually
been asked if that is even in America!). When
I was almost two, we moved to Landstuhl,
Germany. I loved Germany. While we were
there, we moved four times in eight years. You
might be thinking, “Wow, you guys did a lot
of moving,” but I LOVED IT! Some military
families move even more than we did and
some hardly ever move. The ever-changing
surroundings and circumstances help build a
camaraderie between the individual military
families, creating one giant military family.

MKs help each other make friends at school,
at church, and in the community. Moms unite
and talk about past experiences and help each
other like no other community. Now, do not
think military life is a bed of roses. Many moms,
dads, and children struggle with the constant
change and the ever impending possibility of
the military member being gone for extended
periods of time. I have just chosen to think
about what I have and not what I am losing.

Military life was not candy canes and lollipops
for me. My dad was in the Air Force for just
over 18 years. We added up all the times he
Number 1, 2019
was deployed, temporary duty, or on a remote
assignment and the total was almost seven
years! I remember some days were harder than
others. My mom is the best military mom in
the world! (I may be a little biased.) She would
do fun things with us while Dad was gone, just
to make it a little easier for us to cope. I am
blessed that my dad always came back safe but
that is not the case for everybody.

Every military family knows that if something
major is going to go wrong, it happens when
the military member is gone. I cannot go
into every situation but this happened to us
as well. All my brothers have had to go to the
emergency room while Dad was gone. We have
had serious car issues. The washing machine
would break down. It was always something.

We knew it would happen and just depended
on our military and church families for support.

While I love being a Military Kid, I also love
being a Missionary Kid. However, they are
VERY different lifestyles. In 2005, my parents
surrendered to missions at a conference in
Rothenburg, Germany. Then, in 2012, God
confirmed with my dad that it would be military
missions. In 2013, we moved to Okinawa,
Japan, and began working in a military church.

We loved it there so much! My parents saw the
great need for a church on the north end of the
island, and God led us to go on deputation so
we could start a new work.

What is deputation? It is a time when
missionaries travel all over to different churches

and present the ministry to which God has
called them. It is a time for the people of God to
see our hearts toward the ministry so they will
pray for us and possibly support us financially.

I enjoyed the time we spent on deputation. We
had the opportunity to go to places we had
never been before. We even got to have some
fun along the way by visiting some national
treasures like Carlsbad Caverns, the Grand
Canyon, and Yellowstone National Park.

While it was fun, it did get trying sometimes,
such as all the driving (over 120,000 miles in
two years), being in new places almost every
service, sleeping in so many different beds, and
doing school in our truck. However, God used
that time to teach me things I could not have
learned anywhere else, and I was blessed with
new friends along the way.

We were on deputation for two years and I was
so excited to finally hear that we were at full
support! This was great news. We could finally
go back home! This was one of the things
I thought about most while on deputation,
getting back home. When we finally made it
back to Okinawa, things were a little busy. My
parents had already found a house for us. It is
right on the beach—literally! Our front yard
is the Pacific Ocean. We started a Wednesday
night Bible study and one of the first people
to come was one of our neighbors. We have a
church building now and have had as many as
39 in services.

will take care of me in every season, good or
bad! I found this verse like a hidden treasure
in a hard time and I want to share it with
you: Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not
dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen
thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold
thee with the right hand of my righteousness
(Isaiah 41:10).

What does it mean to be a Military Kid and a
Missionary Kid? We are doubly blessed! We get
to see God protect us through so many different
circumstances. We get to see God provide for
us in so many different ways. We get to see God
be God. He ALWAYS keeps His Word! W
The Jellison
Family We have had some bumps along the way and
some hard things to go through, but if through
all this I only learned one thing, it would be that