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writer. He was preaching in great
meetings and writing inspiring
songs, but he carried a heavy burden.

His wife was not happy with their
lifestyle. Those were times of great
trials and testings. Dr. Weigle moved
his family from California to Florida
in hopes that things would be better,
but he soon realized that nothing
had changed. After a few months, his
wife told him that she was leaving
and that their daughter, who was
their only child, was going with her.

D whispered to her daughter, who
r. Weigle was still writing songs
alone was by her side, ‘If you know
in his older years. One day he
where your father is, please ask him said to me, “Mary, I want you to
to pray for me and see if God can hear the new song that the Lord is
forgive such a sinner as I.’” 3 Some giving me.” I listened as he sang,
years later, Dr. Weigle met his
There are songs we sing of Heaven
second wife, Carrie. It was my joy
while we journey here below,
and honor to meet her and become
friends with her.

And they tell of joys eternal, God will
A there on us bestow.

fter about five years, Charles
began to write songs again. As he
But, one song we’ll sing up yonder,
was sitting at the piano and thinking
when we reach that heavenly place,
about the way God had comforted
hat sad night, after he saw them and cared for him through his time Is the song we’ll sing forever, dear old
leave on the train, he walked the of great sorrow, the words and music
song, “Amazing Grace.”
streets all evening and made his way to “No One Ever Cared for Me Like
Oh what glory, when we sing our
to the pier on Biscayne Bay. There Jesus” came to him. The entire song
he sat and watched the waves go was finished in 30 minutes. Of all
Savior’s praise,
in and out and thought about how the songs that he wrote, this song
Oh, what glory, when we see His
easily he could end his suffering. He became his most famous one. It
lovely face,
said Satan said to him, “Weigle, you has brought comfort to millions of
are suffering. You could end your people around the world.

Oh, what glory, when we sing “Amazing
suffering tonight.” Dr. Weigle told my
Grace” in the homeland of the soul.

husband and me that he jumped
to his feet and said, “Satan, you
hen he finished singing, we
are a liar.” He determined in his
were both in tears. I have
heart that he would go on serving
always treasured the knowledge that
the Lord.

I was one of the first people to hear
this inspiring song.

ight months later, he saw his
estranged wife in Los Angeles.

fter graduation from college,
She laughed about her sin and
my friendship with Dr. Weigle
mocked him. After that scene, he
continued. When my husband,
realized that there was no hope for
James, and I were going to be
reconciliation. A few years later, as
married, we sent him an invitation
she lay on her deathbed, the bride
to our wedding. We still have the
of his youth lamented that she had
3 made the wrong choices in life. “She
gle Ibid., 15.

Dr. Charles Wei
Mar y with
Illinois Church, Olney,
Calvary Baptist