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beautiful letter that he wrote to us on
our wedding day while sitting beside
his wife Carrie’s deathbed.

A fter our wedding, James became
pastor of Calvary Baptist Church
in Olney, Illinois. It was a blessing
and an honor to have Dr. Weigle
preach revival services at the church
and stay in our home. We would sit
in awe as he told us story after story
about great revival meetings where
thousands were saved and about
the way God had protected him
and provided for him through
the years. We were inspired when
early in the morning we heard
prayers coming from his room.

O n the last night of the
revival meeting,
Dr. Weigle preached a sermon titled
“A Trip to Heaven and Back.” The
congregation sat spellbound. It was
as though we could see the glories
of heaven as he spoke.

to tell you, I will be in heaven.”
When we received news of his
homegoing, we immediately
remembered his words and
rejoiced that he was with the
Savior Whom he loved so much.

Y ears
later, we
were ministering in a church in
the country of Romania, and
a young woman who had lived
all of her life under Godless
communism stood and beautifully
sang “No One Ever Cared for Me
Like Jesus.” The song had pierced
the Iron Curtain and brought peace
and comfort to those who lived
under the bondage of communism.

As I listened to her sing, I rejoiced that
the Lord had given me the privilege of
knowing such a man as Dr. Charles
Weigle and knowing that I had been
J ames and I took him to the airport
in Evansville, Indiana. As we were
saying goodbye to him, he looked
at us with a twinkle in his eye and
said, “One day you will get the word,
‘Old Weigle is gone,’ but I just want
Your friendship for the un-reached nations of the world and for
the servants of God is priceless. In reality BIMI is an organization
of FRIENDS—friends working together to share the Good News
of Jesus Christ. What can you do?

Survey the list of names at the bottom
of this article and ask God to lay a
country on your heart. Pray for that
country. Gather data on the need. Ask
God to send men and women there to
evangelize. SPONSOR THE 100+NATIONS
James and Mary Ray as they head up these ministries.

Friends of this ministry receive the NATIONS MAGAZINE and
other reports to keep them informed on their ministry as friends.

Target Nations and Fields — Albania, Armenia,
Belgium, Portugal, Finland, Macedonia/Serbia,
Suriname, French Guiana,
Slovakia, Holland, Slovenia,
Latvia, Myanmar (Pray that this
country will soon be open for
resident missionaries.)
For further information or
available speaking dates, contact:
PO Box 9, Harrison, Tennessee 37341
Cell Phone 423-802-5198 BIMI Office 423-344-5050