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Dear Dr. Ray,
We have distributed thousands of New
Testaments in recent days. As in the ministry
of the Apostle Paul, some rejected our Bibles
and hated us, some are undecided, and some
received the Word of God with joy. A man
named Peter phoned me and asked to buy
another New Testament for his friend. I told
Peter the Bibles were free and took one to his
house. Please pray for Peter. A woman named
Ann received one of our Bibles and visited
our church this past Sunday. This woman is
a sister in Christ who has been out of church
for a while. Her husband is extremely ill and
both of them need prayer.

— Arvin Devers, Scotland
Dear Brother Ray:
Please let me convey my gratitude for the
New Testament Bibles that recently arrived.

On behalf of Trinity Baptist Church in
Market Harborough, England, we want to
thank BIMI for an incredible investment that
can assist our ministry for the people of this
town and beyond. The New Testaments look
great and I will look forward to informing
you how they are received.

— Tom Britten,
Market Harborough, England
Dear Dr. Ray:
Just to let you know, I received a call from
the shipping company today that the crates
have arrived in port in London. It looks like
they will be delivered to us on Thursday or
Friday. We are looking forward to beginning
distribution of these New Testaments in the
next few weeks. It is a good time to do door-
to-door distribution.

— Ryan Strother, London, England, BIMI
Missionary Dear Brother Ray:
I thought I would let you know that all the New
Testaments have been delivered in Colwyn
Bay, North Wales. We are approximately
1,500 short, but we have delivered 8,000. The
people of the church have been wonderful in
rising to the cause of Christ.

— Leonard James, Colwyn Bay, Wales
14 Dear Brother Ray,
We have also had people come to our
Coffee Mornings because of the New
Testaments. We inserted an extra note and
a listing of our Coffee Mornings. We have
met other Christians and they have been
an encouragement. One family rang the
pastor and told him that they were using
it for their family devotions. There have
been other blessings each time we go out.

The cover is so attractive that people have
taken them because of that. Another great
thing is that people now know where we are
from the photos on the cover. I sometimes
wonder why we did not do this earlier,
perhaps because we would not have had the
means! Thank you for taking the burden of
the cost from us. We are thrilled to be able
to get the Word of God into the homes of
Market Harborough!
— Marcia & Reta, Harborough, England,
BIMI Missionaries
Hi Brother Ray,
Just a note to let you know that I was told
that I could go onto the campus at Waterford
Institute of Technology tomorrow and meet
someone from the Christian Union there
and hand out New Testaments. Just wanted
to let you know so that you can be praying
that they will impact some students. There
are kids from all over Ireland and some
international ones as well.

— Don Thatcher,
BIMI Missionary to Ireland
Dear Brother Ray and the 100 Nations
Ministry: I want to thank you so much for your
kindness in providing financial support for
my missions trip to Kenya. The Lord has
put the country of Kenya on my heart from
a young age. I am praying that the Lord
opens my eyes and heart to missions in a
new way. Thank you.

—Noelle Thomas, Newnan, Georgia
Dear Brother Ray and Mary,
I love the article “Old Paths” and the Rays
Home Place Story. They blessed my heart.

My prayers are with you daily.

— Oneda Webster, Athens, Alabama
Dear James and Mary:
How exciting to hear of all the New
Testaments sent to Wales. We are praying
for the funds needed to send more to
England. We are thankful to have a small
part in your ministry.

— Ladies of Victory Baptist Church,
Rossville, Georgia
To the Dear Ray Family:
God bless you two and all you do. I am
always glad to hear of all your victories for
Jesus. — Eleanora Hitchman, Butler, Ohio
Dear Brother Ray:
Thank you so much for the copies of the
NATIONS MAGAZINE that you sent us.

We enjoy reading them so much and they
are such a blessing. The stories and facts
about missionaries and countries and
martyrs will be a great help to us in teaching
our Sunday school children as well. May
the Lord bless you.

— Pastor Dan Staley, Fundamental
Baptist Church, Hagerstown, MD
Dear Dr. Ray:
Thank you so much for the NATIONS
MAGAZINE. I learn so much from each
issue and I am challenged with every article.

I sure appreciate your love of our Lord and
your heart to get the Gospel into the hands
of the lost.

— Pastor Ronnie Gilbert, Lakewood
Baptist Church, Harrison, TN
Dear Dr. Ray:
It was such a blessing to my heart today
to speak and fellowship with you via way
of the telephone. Thank you for taking my
call. Susan and I look forward to receiving
the latest issue of NATIONS MAGAZINE.

Again, we do appreciate the work you are
doing. You are thorough in all of your
writing. There is so much “learning” that

you are contributing to my Christian life.

We shall continue to hold you and Mary up
in prayer.

— Ralph Anderson, Bible Truth
Bookroom, Pickens, SC
Dear Dr. Ray and BIMI:
Thanks so much for sending us the
NATIONS MAGAZINE. It is the only
magazine I read from cover to cover. God
bless all the ministries of BIMI.

— Albert Watkins, Clayton,
North Carolina
Dear James and Mary,
I prayed for you today. Thanks for sending
the Nations Magazine. What a delight
to open its cover and see my friend Bob
Huffman smiling at me from Heaven!
— Jennie Brit
Dear Brother Ray:
A few lines about your DVD on George
Whitefield’s Chickens and Baptist Ducks.

When I was at BIMI, I purchased two
copies. I kept one copy for ourselves and
gave the other to our home church pastor.

Recently, I was asked by a church up in
Virginia to take their services. That evening
I showed, George Whitefield’s Chickens and
Baptist Ducks. It was very well received
and a great blessing and encouragement to
the people. Thank you for the tremendous
work and effort you put into this DVD.

—Rev. Butch Abbett, Kingsport, TN
(Missionary Representative for BIMI)
Sir: I found a copy of NATIONS MAGAZINE
in my doctor’s office waiting room. Please
send me information as to how I may
subscribe to this wonderful publication.

Two of my sons are Baptist ministers and
my son-in-law.

— Mrs. Linda Johnson
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I assure you that Dr. Ray’s book will lead to a better understanding of the subject of death and
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Sincerely, Lee Roberson
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