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you are contributing to my Christian life.

We shall continue to hold you and Mary up
in prayer.

— Ralph Anderson, Bible Truth
Bookroom, Pickens, SC
Dear Dr. Ray and BIMI:
Thanks so much for sending us the
NATIONS MAGAZINE. It is the only
magazine I read from cover to cover. God
bless all the ministries of BIMI.

— Albert Watkins, Clayton,
North Carolina
Dear James and Mary,
I prayed for you today. Thanks for sending
the Nations Magazine. What a delight
to open its cover and see my friend Bob
Huffman smiling at me from Heaven!
— Jennie Brit
Dear Brother Ray:
A few lines about your DVD on George
Whitefield’s Chickens and Baptist Ducks.

When I was at BIMI, I purchased two
copies. I kept one copy for ourselves and
gave the other to our home church pastor.

Recently, I was asked by a church up in
Virginia to take their services. That evening
I showed, George Whitefield’s Chickens and
Baptist Ducks. It was very well received
and a great blessing and encouragement to
the people. Thank you for the tremendous
work and effort you put into this DVD.

—Rev. Butch Abbett, Kingsport, TN
(Missionary Representative for BIMI)
Sir: I found a copy of NATIONS MAGAZINE
in my doctor’s office waiting room. Please
send me information as to how I may
subscribe to this wonderful publication.

Two of my sons are Baptist ministers and
my son-in-law.

— Mrs. Linda Johnson
Death is not usually an inviting subject. We associate death with tears, sorrow, broken homes,
and orphan children. We think of death as the end of plans, the close of a vigorous life, or the
changing of an estate or business. Death to the average person means emptiness, bereavement, and
heartaches. The author of this book, Journey to Eternity, gives a different touch to a somber subject. Every page
of this book leads to the climatic chapters based securely on God’s infallible Word. Read with care
the chapters on “The Loneliest Man in the World,” “Keys That Fit No Locks,” “The Grave’s Only
Key,” and “The Dying Experience of the Redeemed.”
I assure you that Dr. Ray’s book will lead to a better understanding of the subject of death and
will give an assured peace to sincere but troubled hearts. Read thoughtfully and then share with
others the message of Christ who said, “I am the Resurrection and the Life.”
Sincerely, Lee Roberson
$9.95 + Postage. Use the attached
envelope or go to