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inside under the ironwork of the out under the bridge at Ashtabula,
seats, he re-entered in an attempt to Ohio, but still they live. For over 140
years, the sweet sound of his hymns
The 11 rail cars plunged 70 feet down free her. He died by her side.

into the freezing river below. The rail The night before that terrible have echoed around the world with…
cars were equipped with kerosene railroad accident at Ashtabula,
heaters, which exploded turning the he said to his audience, “I may
not pass this way again,” then he
wooden cars into infernos.

Some records state that Philip Bliss sang a solo, “I’m Going Home
survived the initial impact making Tomorrow.”
and hymn-writer Philip Bliss
and his wife. 2
it out of the burning car. Afterward,
realizing Lucy was still trapped
The beautiful voices of Philip and
Lucy Bliss were seemingly snuffed
Whosoever Will May
Come! “Ashtabula River Railroad Disaster,” (June 13, 2019). Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

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