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Cornelius knew that Polly was
sinking fast. He sat beside her
bed all night and Monday she
died. When told of her death,
Gipsy said, “I remember
falling on my face in the lane
as though I had been shot and
weeping my heart out and
saying to myself, ‘I shall never
It was obvious to Cornelius that Polly was dying. be like other boys, for I have no mother,’ and somehow
Cornelius sat beside her bed and asked her if she that feeling has never quite left me, and even now in my
6 thought about God. She replied that she did think about man’s life, there are moments that mother is longed for.”
Him, but when she tried to pray, she thought about all Before Polly died, she asked Cornelius to promise her
that she had done and felt that there was no mercy for that he would be a good father to the children. He made
her. Her husband assured her that Christ had died for that promise, but soon realized that he did not know
her sins and that God would forgive her.

how to be good. He prayed every morning and night
Cornelius had been in prison for a short time and while that God would help him to be good. He earned money
he was there, he heard a chaplain speak about Christ by playing his fiddle in beer halls. While he was playing,
and how He died to save sinners. Since Cornelius could Gipsy was passing the hat for the collection. Being in
not read or write and had no Bible, his knowledge was the beer halls did not help him to be good because he
limited to what he could remember of the chaplain’s was tempted to drink and he yielded to that temptation
sermon. Cornelius, overcome with sorrow, went outside quite often.

sad news that Polly also had
small pox. Cornelius now had
three patients and realized that
he could no longer keep the
family separated, so he brought
them all into the wagon. Within
a few days, Polly delivered a
little baby. The baby only lived
a short time.

the wagon to weep. While there, he heard Polly singing,
I have a father in the Promised Land,
My God calls me I must go,
To meet Him in the Promised Land.

When Cornelius asked her where
she learned the song, she replied,
“Cornelius, I heard it when I
was a little girl. One Sunday, my
father’s tents were pitched on
a village green and seeing the
young people and others going
into a little school or church or
chapel—I do not know which it
was—I followed them in and they
sang those words.” 5
G ipsy’s mother sang the song
repeatedly, and then she
told Cornelius that she was not
afraid to die. She said she felt
assured that God would take care
of her children. On Sunday night,
Ibid., 30.

5 12
C ornelius was in great sorrow, but he was also under
great conviction by the Holy Spirit. After a woman
innkeeper read a portion of Pilgrim’s Progress to him
and his two brothers, they decided they wanted what
Pilgrim had. Cornelius met a road worker who was a
Christian and asked him where
he could find a Gospel meeting.

The worker invited him to
Latimer Road Mission. While the
congregation was singing “There
is a Fountain Filled with Blood,”
Cornelius, under great conviction,
fell to the floor unconscious.

Within a few minutes, he jumped
up and shouted, “I am converted;
God has made a new man of
me.” 7 His brother Bartholomew
was converted the same night
as Cornelius and his brother
Woodlock was converted soon
after Cornelius and Bartholomew
were. Ibid., 31-32.

Ibid., 62.

6 7