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Where in the World Is Latvia?
The Baltic nations have suffered, not only
at the hands of Russia but also at the hands
of Hitler—more so, however, from Russia.

When the Russians invaded in 1944, one
hundred thousand people were sent in
freight trains to Siberia. The suffering was
unimaginable. A freedom museum has
been established in Riga, the capital of
Latvia. It is touching and sad to go there.

Read below the words of a Latvian poet
describing the horror.

They came in the darkest hour of the night.

They tore us out of our beds, our homes, and our land.

They tore us apart, men from women and children.

They herded us into cattle cars, behind bars.

They denied us food and water.

They drove us toward living death.

Lucky the child, the old, and the sick who died quickly and were
Left by the wayside.

We who remained were to die slowly
On the barbed wire islands of the Gulag.

We no longer were human; we became numbers.

We were forced to work without food and rest.

Our companions were hunger and death.

Our bones piled up on the frozen ground of the Tundra.

Only a few, years later, could traverse the miles toward home.

Only a few returned, broken, and saints—
Who had gone through hell and had lived!
Pray for missionaries for the Baltics states: Latvia, Lithuania, and
Estonia. The door is open and the need is great!
Contact Ed Hembree, BIMI Europe Director, for more information.

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