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Hi Brother Ray:
I would personally like to thank you for The Na-
tions Magazine that you send me. In this edition,
“Whosoever” and the article about Philip Bliss
were a special blessing and an encouragement to
me. Also, thank Mary for her wonderful article
about Charles Weigle.

—Larry Haney, Mission Coordinator
Lakeside Baptist Church, Clearwater, South
Carolina Dear Brother James and Mary:
There are times when I wish I could put in
words what is in my heart. You have helped
and inspired me beyond measure. I just fin-
ished Embracing the World again and your
Nations Magazine. I am thankful and bless-
ed to be friends.

—Garland Cofield, Retired missionary
to the Far North, founder of Camp of the
Woods, Canada
Dear Dr. Ray:
I am reading your book Incredible Journey in the
Steps of Greatness right now. It says that you do
speaking engagements at times about your jour-
neys and the events you write about. I would be
interested in being on a mailing list or being no-
tified of some of your lectures.

—Kevin Elliott
Dear James:
Thank you for your recent issue of The Na-
tions Magazine. The layout was beautiful.

The information was extremely helpful and
very interesting. I have never seen the pic-
ture of D.L. Moody you used on page four.

This is the first time I ever saw an image of
Lucy Bliss, page three. Great job my friend.

Let’s finish strong.

—Dr. Clarence Sexton, Temple Baptist
Church, Powell, Tennessee
Dr. Ray:
May God bless you in your work for our Savior
and Lord. Count me as a sister in Christ.

—Lula Mae Wright, Hendersonville, North
Carolina Dear Brother James and Mary:
It was such a blessing to receive The Nations
Magazine! We love it! Such a blessing! We look
forward to it. Also received your letter celebrat-
ing 50 years of missions. That blesses us as our
hearts are on missions all these years and have
been our priority in ministry.

—Pastor Bob and Margie Archer, Navarre,
Florida Dear Dr. and Mrs. Ray:
I want to thank you both again SO MUCH for
the time you spend preparing The Nations Mag-
azine. This magazine is a treasure to me. We
have Dr. Charles Weigle’s choir books at church
with his personal life stories included in them.

When I opened The Nations Magazine we just
received at Victory Baptist Church, I saw an
article in there about him and could not wait
to read it along with the Philip Bliss and D.L.

Moody stories.

—Terri Hamm, Victory Baptist Church, Ma-
con, Georgia
Dr. Ray:
Thank you for your ministry. I am praying
for you. What a blessing to know you are
sending Bibles to missionaries! Spread-
ing the Word is what we should do every
chance we get. Thank you for all that you
do. —Debra Gray, Victory Baptist Church,
Rossville, Georgia
Hello Dr. Ray:
Our Bible distribution here in Scotland is
exciting. We have given boxes of Bibles here
in Hawick to B&Bs, hotels, and places of
business for their workers. Even the man-
ager of the medical clinic nearby allowed us
to put 20 in their coffee room for the staff to
take home. Some businesses have allowed
us to place them on their counters for free
distribution to customers. In addition, Ju-
dith and I have been going door-to-door,
placing the Bibles in homes.

—Daniel and Judith Irvin, BIMI mission-
aries to Scotland
Dear Mrs. Ray,
I felt I must write and tell you how your
article “Touched by Greatness” in The Na-
tions Magazine stirred my heart. What a
privilege was yours to know and to be in-
fluenced by Brother Weigle! We enjoy the
magazine and pass it along to my parents
and then to others. Eric and I appreciate
you and your husband and are “touched by
your greatness” of example and faithfulness
to the Lord’s work. Thank you for allowing
God to use you to touch so many lives. I
keep you in my prayers.

—Lori Bohman, BIMI missionary
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