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F.B. Meyer
when Dr. Meyer preached at a small chapel, a man
approached him. The man shook Dr. Meyer’s hand
and kissed it.

F B Meyer, commenting on this wrote: “I
confess that it made a choking sensation
come to my throat.” The man was one whom
Meyer had “met at the gate” of the prison. He was
now redeemed and was an active Christian. Dr.

Meyer had not only saved his soul but had also
saved his life.

F. B. Meyer was foremost a preacher but he was also
a public campaigner against sin. He sat on the city
council and was partly responsible for closing 400
immoral places.

Meyer’s advice to young ministers was:
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To mix freely with the people; to visit
systematically and widely; to study men as
well as books; to converse with all classes
and conditions of men: always on the alert to
learn from some fresh pages of the heart. 7
I lived in his city. I walked in his steps. I preached in
his church. I would love to have known him. God
moved me a step closer to that dream by sending
Mrs. Edna Knight to our church. Mrs. Knight had
at one time been a member of a church pastored
by F. B. Meyer. Edna was near 90 years old when
she discovered our church. She had been attending
another church in the city. One morning on her
way to church, she walked by our church, heard the
singing, and ventured in. Lifegate Baptist Church
was what she had been searching for. Later she
Ibid., 56.

7 7