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told me that she had known Dr. Meyer and had taught a
Sunday school class at his church. In a recorded interview
that this author had with Edna Knight some years ago, she
related the following:
“During the First World War when I was about 16 years
old, I attended F. B. Meyer’s church. That was when he
pastored at Westminster Bridge Road. During that time, I
taught a Sunday school class at the church. When the war
ended, Dr. Meyer held a special service to honor those who
had fought for our freedom. The British and American
flags were displayed in the church that day. There was a
special place where the American soldiers were assigned
for seating. All the soldiers marched in taking their places.

It was a touching service. I expressed a desire to become
a member of Dr. Meyer’s church. Although I had been
converted some years earlier, Dr. Meyer took nothing for
granted. He took me by the hand, looked into my eyes and
asked, ‘Are you sure? Are you really sure that you have
received Jesus Christ into your life?’ Of course, I was, but
I always remembered those words spoken to me by F. B.

Meyer. To him, following Jesus Christ was far more than
simply becoming a member of the church. Dr. Meyer was
very much a gentleman in the pulpit and out. He was
always so earnest, very sincere, and genuine.”
Amazingly, Edna Knight had been a member of both F. B.

Meyer’s church and also G. Campbell Morgan’s church at
different times. I asked Edna:
“Mrs. Knight, when you sat under the ministry of these
two great preachers, Dr. F. B. Meyer and Dr. Campbell
Morgan, what did you feel?” She replied, “I felt the Spirit
Edna Knight
of God. They made me glad that I had come. It has
been long ago but I can still remember the spirit of
those meetings. I will tell you how long it has been.

I was on my way to Dr. Meyer’s services one Sunday
and saw on the placard at the newsstand these
headlines, THE TITANIC HAS SUNK! I can still
see that headline. Everyone in London was in shock
over this.”
Continuing the conversation, I asked, “Mrs. Knight,
you are 90 years old. Just for the record, let me ask
how active you are able to be in the ministry of
your church?” “I attend Sunday morning, Sunday
evening, and Wednesday evening and go out
witnessing on visitation each Wednesday morning,”
was the reply.

At 90 years, Edna Knight continued to live the life
for Christ instilled in her as a child by Dr. F. B.

Meyer. F. B. Meyer died in 1929. As his body was
carried out of the church, the congregation sang the
“Hallelujah Chorus” and F. B. Meyer moved out of
his church…for the last time.

I lived in his city. I walked in his steps. I preached in
his church. I would love to have known him…and
now… I think I do.

James Ray at Melbourne Hall