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exciting to watch Christians
grow, welcome visitors to
the services, see people
saved, and be a part of
weekly evangelism. We look
forward to what God will
continue to do in northern
Croatia. One of the highlights of
our week is helping in the
Gypsy village. There is a
large population of Gypsies
who live in villages in our
county in northern Croatia.

One of those villages has
a red, 20-foot shipping
container that serves as a
church building. About
three years ago, the Leslies
started having services
and children’s programs to
reach the Gypsies. Week
after week children crowd
into the little room to sing
songs, play games, learn
Bible verses, and hear Bible
lessons. Since there is not
room for everyone, there are
two programs each week.

On Saturday mornings
40–60 young children come.

Sunday afternoon is for
preteens and teenagers with about 20 in attendance. The shipping
container was much too small for the number of children who
were attending each week. We prayed for a bigger place and in
His perfect time, God provided. In August, a building that has
plenty of room was purchased. Praise the Lord! When word got
out in the village about the building, there was a bit of shock as
they realized the Baptist Church was in the village to stay! We are
not going anywhere. In fact, we have started a Wednesday night
service for adults as well. It is exciting to be a part of what God is
doing in this village!
Our family is thrilled that God called us to serve Him in Croatia.

It is because of the sacrificial financial support and faithful
prayers of God’s people that we can be here. Missionaries are
dependent on churches in the States that hold the ropes. The
missionary who goes and the churches that give are both vital in
reaching the lost world for Christ. Please pray for Croatia. Pray
that we will be diligent to spread the Gospel. I must work the
works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when
no man can work (John 9:4). W