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One Sows,
Another Reaps
By Brandyn Knight
Thou shalt be saved, and
thy house (Acts 16:31b).

Looking back at what God does to work in the
lives of people and to build His church is always
something that draws out a proclamation
of praise. One such story is that of a man in
our church named Lawrence. He is a retired
Marine, and when we first met, he just seemed
to be a quiet man who had been coming to
Faith Baptist Church in Iwakuni for some time.

One day during the after-service fellowship,
God pressed it on my heart not to let him leave
without trying to get to know his name and
background. We briefly talked, and I asked
if we could meet for coffee to talk about his
testimony. He gladly accepted the invitation,
and we met for the first time in late 2016.

Lawrence began to recount how he had
recently been saved and wanted badly to find
out more about being a part of the church
family. A fellow Marine had witnessed to him
many times in the shop. One day, the man gave
him a Bible, but Lawrence was not receptive
to the Gospel. However, he knew he could
not just throw away a Bible, so he put it on a
shelf at home and forgot about it. Years later,
while he was going through a difficult chapter
in his life, God began to reach into his hard
heart and nurture the Gospel seed that had
fallen there, bringing to mind what his fellow
Marine had shared with him. It was not long
before Lawrence accepted Christ as his Savior.

God brought Lawrence to Faith Baptist Church
through a series of events not long after.

Lawrence went on to express that he had been
unsure if he was allowed to join the church and
was shocked that we even met at all to discuss it.

He was not baptized. We set up a time to get that
squared away, and he was baptized soon after.

Fast forward a few months—we were out
canvassing a neighborhood with invitations
to our Japanese services. During this time,
Brother LT (as we now affectionately call him)
seemed like he had a lot on his mind. Finally,
as we were leaving for the day to head back to
the church, he opened up that he had found the
Bible his fellow Marine had given him. He had
forgotten about it, and now he felt as though
he should reach out to let the man know what
had happened in his own life. He did, and it
was timely good news that this man needed in
his life—an encouragement of faithfulness that
both he and Brother LT strive to never forget.

14 Brother LT has weathered some difficult days
alongside us in our church but now God has
been blessing. Over the last two years, God
has breathed new life into the ministry. We are