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seeing souls saved regularly, and those who are saved are growing in
great depth. In addition, during this time God has blessed Brother LT’s
family. He has been able to witness God work in the lives of three of his
children and his sister, who have all been saved. We are still praying for
more in his family to turn to Christ, but we are confident that God will
work in their hearts to bring them to Himself. After all, is any thing too
hard for the LORD (Genesis18:14)?
As you serve in your corner of the world, never lose sight of the one in
the service whom you see but often overlook. He may be new, newly
saved, or seem to be just passing through, yet, you never know exactly
what God has in store. It is His church and He has promised to build it.

We just get the extra special blessing to be a small part of it all! W
But now hath God set the members every one
of them in the body, as it hath pleased him.

Brother LT & Family
1 Corinthians 12:18
In June 2019, we set a goal for the printing of one
million Bibles for the students of Papua New Guinea.

I am excited to announce that this goal has now been
met and 770,000 Bibles have already been shipped
into the country! We have ordered 230,000 Bibles,
which brings our total to one million! Lord willing, these Bibles
will arrive into the port of Papua New Guinea in 2020.

Some may think that this will end the project, but the truth is
that there is much more to do! When the Bibles do arrive at
the docks, we must take them by trucks, boats, or planes to the
different districts for storage. Once in the district, we will be able
to branch out into the many villages or stations where the schools are located. Presently,
we have been able to distribute and preach to over 740,000 students and teachers. Because
most all of the inner cities have been done, our work is now in some of the most remote areas of the
country. There are several secondary schools in the isolated areas still to be completed and hundreds
of primary schools are anxiously waiting to receive their Bibles.

What an open door! Through this project, we now have opportunities to see souls saved, Christians
grow, individual lives and families changed, and churches built for the glory of God. There is also
freedom to plant new churches and to continue education in the schools and colleges with God’s
Word. The needs are great. Perhaps God is speaking to your heart about being a missionary to this
country. What would God have you do? W