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Help Create a Gospel Ripple
By Mark Gerosin
I remember as a younger man having a desire
to live and work in a large metropolitan area.

That dream almost came to pass shortly after
I graduated from college and was offered a
job by a large bridge building company as a
project engineer in what was going to be a large
subway station retrofit project in Coney Island
in the greater New York City area. I remember
visiting the city during the interview, riding
the trains, and being amongst the throngs of
people while thinking, “This is where I need to
be.” The Lord ended up guiding our family in
a different direction, and we never ended up
working in that big city.

Years later in 2009 when I first visited
Colombia on a survey trip, I was overwhelmed
by the sheer masses of people. We visited
Bogotá and Medellín, two of the country’s
largest cities. While traveling down through
18 the Andes mountains into the Valle de Aburrá
where Medellín is located, I remember being
impacted by the size of the city. I looked over
at the veteran missionary and asked him this
simple question, “How many independent
Baptist missionaries are here?” He looked over
at me with a slight grin and said, “They are
sitting here in the car with you.” I could not
believe it! He was working there alone. That
missionary has since retired back to the States.

God placed us in Medellín in 2011. It is much
different than New York City. While we are
not building literal bridges or transportation
facilities, we are laboring by the grace of God
to reconnect people with their Creator. This
does not happen by way of tradition, culture,
or religion but by the “bridge” found in the
person of Jesus Christ.

A couple of years ago, God answered our
prayers and brought us another missionary
couple. It was such a blessing because God sent
us help. We are firm believers in team ministry.

It has been a vision of ours since before arriving
here and it is a model that God has ordained.

Whether it was John the Baptist sending two of
his disciples to speak to Jesus (Matthew 11:2),
Jesus sending out the 70, two by two (Luke
10:1), the church at Antioch sending
out Barnabas and Saul (Acts 13:2), or
Paul sending Timothy and Erastus
into Macedonia (Acts 19:22), the
truth remains the same. God’s
work is better accomplished
when done together.

The wisest man in the history
of the earth said it well, And
if one prevail against him, two
shall withstand him; and a
threefold cord is not quickly
broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12). If
missionaries are to achieve

We are training our own. This year we
graduate the first two students from
our Bible institute. But, developing
leaders takes time. In the meantime,
we need reinforcements. If our
Stateside churches waited to hire staff
until they could handpick them from
their own homegrown congregations,
church growth as known today would
be quite different.

the enormous task laid before them, they must
work smarter, not harder. The smart thing
to do is pool resources and attack the enemy
together. We praise God for the support He has sent to
work with us, but it is nowhere near enough.

God is opening doors here faster than we can
physically handle them. We have the potential
to expand our small Bible institute into a
four-year, live-in seminary. That requires
more professors and team members. A
recent ministry opportunity with a women’s
foundation gives us access to 450 families in
the greater metropolitan area. That means
more follow-up, more visits, and more Bible
studies, all of which require more ministers
and team members. The owner of the building
our church just moved into has offered to hand
over to me his Christian children’s foundation.

This foundation has access to train
religious directors and work with young
people in over 20 public schools. That
is at least 20,000 students. That is a full-
time ministry that requires energized,
excited, and devoted youth workers and
team members. We literally cannot meet
all of these opportunities and at times
have to simply say, “I am sorry.”
Team ministry is biblical. Team ministry is
accountable. Team ministry is powerful. Team
ministry is safe. However, team ministry
requires humility and cooperation. It requires
men and women who will say amen to
statements like those from the late President
Truman when he said, “It is amazing what you
can accomplish if you do not care who gets the
credit.” The opportunities in Medellín continue to
open and our time continues to run out. We do
not care who gets the recognition; we just want
the Gospel to send a ripple across this nation
that can be understood as nothing other than
a true movement of God. Would you consider
enlisting as part of this team? Would you
stand in the gap so that God’s plan could move
forward uninhibited? W