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This is a special year for Baptist International
Missions, Inc. (BIMI). June 2020 marks 60
years of ministry for our
mission agency. There
have been many changes
in our world since the
official organization of
BIMI on June 28, 1960.

Nonetheless, one of the
things that remains the
same is our dependence on
Jesus Christ.

When BIMI began 60 years
ago, we were Counting
on Christ. Today, we are
still Counting on Christ
and as we look to the
future, we will continue
Counting on Christ.

We are celebrating 60
years and counting—
Counting on Christ.

David H. Snyder
President/General Director
As you may have
concluded from the opening paragraph
of this editorial, BIMI’s theme for 2020 is
Counting on Christ. We are depending on
Him, not just for some things but for all
Number 1, 2020
things—a complete, confident, continual,
constant, and comprehensive counting
on Christ. There are
many things that could be
mentioned, but I would
like to write about three
particular things for which
we have been and are still
counting on Christ.

First, we are counting
on Christ for additional
missionary personnel.

The one main prayer request
Jesus gave us was for more
labourers for His harvest field (Matthew
9:37–38; Luke 10:2). Baptist International
Missions began 60 years ago with just a
handful of missionaries. God has continued
to call Christians to full-time missionary
service since that time and He is still calling
laborers. Some have asked if the number of
those being called to full-time missions has
decreased in recent days. My answer is that
God is still calling as many now as He did
in the past—perhaps even more. However,
I do not believe Christians are responding
to God’s call as they did 60 years ago.

Nonetheless, we are not discouraged, but
we are confidently counting on Christ to