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were not carnal. I became engaged in the good
fight of faith (1 Timothy 6:12).

Living in Long Island, New York, depleted
my savings. I began looking for work, but a
background in aircraft armament systems
from the Air Force was not exactly marketable.

After diligent search, reality set in that living
in New York was not sustainable. The defense
company I worked for in Saudi Arabia called
about a position in Egypt.

The Lord helped me find a faithful Bible-
believing missionary in Cairo. Excited about
spending time with a missionary in Egypt,
I accepted the job. On my way to Egypt, I
was sent to the Naval Air Station in Virginia
Beach for training. While there, I searched for
a church to attend and found Bible Believers
Baptist Church outside the Navy Base. In the
church service, the pastor did something I
found incredible. He preached line-by-line and
verse-by-verse through the book of Acts.

It was refreshing. I stayed after church to talk
with Pastor Tim MacDonald for nearly three
hours. He gave me a book and a CD produced
by James W. Knox. The disc had James’ Bible
school course How To Study and Teach the
Bible. My life was greatly enriched! He taught
me to unequivocally trust God’s Word!
at Camp Leatherneck, working with the U.S.

Military. While there, the chaplain allowed me
to teach the Bible in the chapel each Saturday.

This Bible study was open to anyone interested
in coming. The same men from Uganda came
consistently. These men were wonderfully
receptive to God’s Word and captivated my
heart, sparking the desire to learn about the
need there.

I planned a trip to Uganda, and my friends
in Afghanistan made arrangements for me to
preach daily while in Africa. The excitement
was mounting, but then we received the news
that President Obama was drawing down the
war in Afghanistan. Instructions were given
to prepare for immediate return to the United
States. This included canceling upcoming trips.

I was devastated. It seemed to me the door was
closed. As instructed, I helped prepare for the
return to the States.

Returning to DeLand, I eased back into Bible
school and various church ministries. I also
married the most wonderful woman God
could give an undeserving man. We spent our
evenings searching Google Maps for various
countries to see whom God had laboring there,
all the while praying the Lord would show
As I was living in Egypt—encouraged to
study and provoked to trust God while
serving the Lord with a missionary—the
Lord gave me a taste of my future. The
missionary and I spent hours each night
on the streets of Cairo witnessing. This
was an exciting time. The Lord set my
heart ablaze for missions. After one
year my contract ended. I moved to
DeLand, Florida, and started
attending classes at The
DeLand School of THE
BIBLE. I had been in DeLand
one year when I
was offered my
last contract in
Afghanistan. I
spent the next
seven months