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us where we could be used. One evening, I
received a message from a Ugandan man whom
I had met in Afghanistan. The message detailed
a series of islands situated in Southern Uganda.

I searched and found the islands situated on the
northern shores of Lake Victoria. This vast body
of water demands reverence for its Creator.

Northern Lake Victoria has 84 islands, known
as the Ssese Islands. Kristin and I were unable
to identify any missionaries laboring amongst
those people. This was an answer to our prayers.

The Lord gave us the desire of our hearts!
I contacted Keith Stensaas in Masaka, Uganda.

He is a second generation missionary who
has been in Uganda for more than 20 years.

With zeal, I explained the desire of our hearts
regarding Ssese. With reciprocated excitement,
he offered to assist us along the way. He has done
exactly that and more. We hold Keith and Sally
Number 1, 2020
in high regard and look forward to laboring
with them. Starting under the guidance of an
experienced missionary is foundational for us.

With His own hand, He leadeth me.

I enjoy surveying my life, a man amongst
the chiefest of sinners, and identifying the
wonderful ways the Lord has led. Few men
could be more undeserving; yet, the Lord can
use such a one as I to labor in His fields. My
hope is that this brief sketch of His workings
in my life will encourage believers to trust
Him more along the way. It is good for us to
note these points in our lives, bringing them
to remembrance as a memorial unto the Lord.

May He receive the honor and glory due Him
in each of our lives.

I will praise thee for ever, because thou hast done
it: and I will wait on thy name; for it is good
before thy saints (Psalm 52:9). W

Hasn’t South America
Already Been Evangelized?
By Roger D. Blevins — South America Director
From time to time someone will ask me, “Hasn’t
South America already been evangelized?
Are there not many missionaries in South
America? Should we not be concentrating
on other—more needy—parts of the world?
Is there really still a need in South America?
Do they not already have their own religions?
Are they not all Catholics? Have we not sent
enough missionaries there?”
No—South America has not already been
sufficiently evangelized! While it is true that
there are more missionaries in South America
than in many other parts of the world, there
are still far too few if we ever hope to reach
a rapidly increasing population of more than
428 million souls. I am afraid the people who
ask questions like those listed above do not
understand the reasons missionaries must still
be sent into every part of the world. If they
understood, they would not be asking those
kinds of questions.

Nonetheless, the question—Why should we
still send missionaries to South America?—is
a legitimate question and one worthy of an
honest, biblical answer. I realize that if I were
to take the time and space to lay out an exegesis
of the “why” of missions, it would certainly be
too much to fit into this format. Yet, in my own
heart and mind I have an obligation to give a
reasonable answer to the question. After all,
I am actively going around to churches week
after week, preaching on missions and praying
that God will raise up new missionaries for
South America. Therefore, why should we still
send missionaries to South America?
First, we must still send missionaries to South
America because God’s command to do so has
not changed! Into all the world is not optional;
it is a command. Second, we must still send
missionaries to South America because tens of
millions of South Americans for whom Christ
died have never heard a clear presentation of
the Gospel of salvation. A third reason that we
must still send missionaries to South America
is because if we do send the missionaries, some
South Americans will be saved!
The Great Commission could not be clearer.

Local churches are to send the Gospel into
all the world. Obviously, in order to do that,
missionaries must be called and sent. It has
never made sense to me to think that the lack
of a sufficient missionary force to reach the
whole world is due to too few being called
to accomplish the task. No, it is not that too
few are called but rather that too few respond
to the call and give their lives to reach the
world with the Gospel. The prayer request for
more missionaries is not a new or even recent
phenomenon. All the way back to Jesus’ day we
read: The harvest truly is great, but the labourers
are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest,
that he would send forth labourers into his
harvest (Luke 10:2). As long as there are lost
souls who have never heard the Gospel, we will
still need more missionaries.

We certainly praise the Lord for the 48 faithful
missionaries currently on the field, serving
or on deputation preparing to go to South
America through BIMI. It is definitely a good
start, but we need more missionaries, more
faithful churches to support those missionaries,
more national pastors, more churches planted,
more Bible institutes and seminaries to train
national workers, more—just MORE!
Please join with us in praying the Luke 10:2
prayer to the Lord of the harvest that He would
indeed send forth MORE laborers into the ripe
mission field of South America. W
Number 1, 2020