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The Work of
Missions Never Ends
By Clint Vernoy — Missionary in Paraguay
The northeastern United States is a mission field that I moved to in
1970—not by choice or call. I had no desire to move to New Jersey. My
dad told us to get in the car. It was time to leave!
God had His plans for our family. There were many threads in the
tapestry God was weaving in my life and I was never going to be able to
understand the reasons why as a 10-year-old. I needed to put my faith in
my father and follow him, trust him, and know that he would take care
of me.

There was the thread of family. A few months after we moved to New Jersey, my grandfather
became very ill in Connecticut and we were close enough to help our grandparents and
visit every other weekend.

There was the thread of my father’s work and leadership. He and my mother were
Christians first. Each time we moved, they never rested until we found a church where we
could worship and serve. He was a computer engineer who worked long hours, but instead
of just teaching us to love God, he showed us by example
how to love God and live in obedience to Him. He was
not perfect, but after 35 years in ministry, I can truly say
I now know what a great blessing God gave to me in my
parents and family life.

There was the thread of faith. We became members of a
church, started by a home missionary in Kendall Park,
New Jersey. It was my first experience in a new church—
meeting in living rooms—growing in numbers and
spirit. For the next eight years, our family
would be founding members
of three churches in three
different states.

Each of these threads, along
with so many others, having
different colors and textures
was woven into my life story.

One of the base themes is
missions—from the
local church to the foreign land.

Number 1, 2020