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Beaming Out the Light
of the Gospel of Christ
By Nathan Owens
Did you hear yet that we decided to call it the Caribbean Radio Lighthouse? We
think the Lighthouse identity will help the spiritual purpose of the station to
be better understood by the people, and we are praying much already that God
will use the beaming out of the Light of the Gospel of Christ to lead many dying
souls out of darkness and into new life in Jesus Christ.—Al Snyder
The first Caribbean Radio Lighthouse (CRL) station manager, Al Snyder, wrote that
quote in October 1973 as plans were being formed to start a Christian radio station
on the island of Antigua. Almost two years later on September 7, 1975, the Caribbean
Radio Lighthouse began broadcasting Bible programs and Gospel music to the islands
of the Eastern Caribbean! Before the end of the year, CRL received its first letter of a
salvation decision from a woman on the nearby island of Montserrat.

The Caribbean Radio Lighthouse is still beaming out doctrinally sound Bible teaching
and Christ-honoring music from Antigua to a potential listening audience of over two
million people on more than 20 island countries. Much has changed in 44 years!

• The studio location and towers have
changed, but CRL is still on Antigua.

• CRL began as an AM station, but today, it
also broadcasts on FM and online.

• CRL started broadcasting seven hours a
day and now broadcasts 24 hours a day.

• Many of the programs were received on
reel-to-reel and then cassettes and CDs
through the mail. Today, almost all of the
programs are received over the internet.

• Those reel-to-reels kept our board operators pretty busy, but today,
all our programs and music are digital and the automation system
handles a lot of the board work.

• In 1974, CRL was raising $1,000 a month to begin operating.

Today, CRL needs nearly $11,000 a month to operate smoothly.

• At the end of 1975, there were three US missionary couples and
six West Indies national staff members working at CRL. Today,
CRL has one US missionary couple and four Caribbean staff
members. I am sure this list could go on and on. Even though the technology and
equipment are always changing, one thing remains constant—our adherence
to the doctrines and principles on which the station was founded, that
is, a basis of biblical truth. Our goals are to evangelize the lost; to edify,
encourage, and train believers; and to assist the growth of the local churches
in the Eastern Caribbean. After 44 years, we have been able to reach several
generations! This summer while canvassing for Vacation Bible School, one of the mission
team members, whom CRL housed, heard this testimony from a listener.

The listener said he grew up listening to CRL with his mother. She told him
the only reason she is a Christian is because of what she heard on the radio
when she was a child. Although this man was not saved as a child, he wanted
the group to know that he is now a second generation Christian because of
the radio station and the testimony and teaching from his mother. He shared
how thankful he is for CRL, and he is convinced that if his mother had not
heard CRL as a child, neither he nor his mother would have been saved.