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The Lord has truly blessed and used the
ministry of Caribbean Radio Lighthouse
through the years. Our ministry does not
just stop at being a Christian radio station
though. We also distribute Bibles, tracts, and
mail-in Bible correspondence courses to the
islands. We pray for listeners’ prayer requests
and direct our listeners to Bible-believing
churches. We also host mission teams to
minister at like-minded Antiguan churches.

In 2018, we started a live, call-in program
called That’s Truth with Dr. David Murphy,
a local pastor, in order to answer and discuss
contemporary questions and topics from
listeners. The response has been outstanding!
Pastor Murphy has received numerous
phone calls of additional questions and
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people seeking counseling. We even had to lengthen the program from one hour to an hour and a
half. Dr. Murphy says:
The new call-in program has been a real game changer for our ministry. It has broadened
our ministry constituency, provided countless opportunities to give biblical answers to
listener’s questions, enabled us to address crucial contemporary issues, given us a forum
to publicly refute cultic and apostate movements, and created a door for a regional
counseling ministry.

The response has been phenomenal. I recently had a pastor tell me that it is the type of
program that has been needed for decades. Regularly, I am surprised by the breadth and
depth of its impact. Radio is not dead; it just requires creative new approaches to how
we interact with the audience. Our methods are volatile, but our message is immutable!
Thank you for your prayers and support of the Caribbean Radio Lighthouse on Antigua. CRL is a
missionary radio station and it depends on the support of churches and individuals. To date, CRL
receives 92 percent of its needed monthly
support from regular donors. Please continue to
pray for additional financial support for CRL so
we can continue to reach the Eastern Caribbean
with good quality Christian programming!
If you would like to be a part of our financial
support team, funds may be sent to BIMI and
allocated to Account Number 243.

Personnel Needs: CRL has been blessed
through the years with several families who
devoted many years to the radio ministry.

Unfortunately, age and health caused our
faithful missionaries to retire from the field.

Nathan and Renee Owens have been the only
missionary couple at CRL since July 2019.

Although they are currently managing, there is
a great need for additional personnel, especially
a person with an aptitude for computer and
technical equipment repairs. Please pray with
us about this need. If anyone is interested,
please contact Nathan Owens directly at W
CRL staff