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Darling Come Home — $3.00
Incredible Journey in the Steps of Greatness — $10.95
(available in 3 audio CD set)—$19.95
To Be Used When God Stops Providing. More than
50 years ago now it’s been since he wrote those
words and tucked the coins away.

Millions of miles. Joy and heartache. Surprises and
tragedies. Thousands of lives reached and touched
and changed.

Tie tacks have come and gone and come
and gone again. Watches stopped their
ticking. Cufflinks, who knows where.

The envelope with the three silver
dollars remains. Unused.

Journey to Eternity — $9.95
(sets forth the credibility of Christianity and answers
questions about death, heaven, and the hereafter)
Embracing the World – $19.95
(the history of BIMI and missions stories)
Incredible Stories Along the Journey — $10.95
(Please add $2.50 for shipping.

Add $3.50 for 2 or more items.)
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If paying by check, use the attached
envelope in this magazine.

It started here, at Hardison Baptist. And for more
than half a century—sustained and strengthened
through your prayers and gifts. What a blessed
and magnificent legacy this church has around
the world!
Thank you.

With Deepest Gratitude,
Jim Ray