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Encounter with a Stranger Who Made Our Day!
S ome days are unforgettable and embedded
in our hearts forever. My wife, Frankie, and
I were driving from Germany to a missions
revival in the Netherlands. As we made our way
through Holland, a man in a car behind us flashed
his lights, indicating for us to pull over. We had
German plates on our car, so he told us in German
that our brake lights were not working.

I thanked him in English and
he told me that they loved
Americans. As a child, he stood
holding hands with his family
as they looked up in the sky and
they promised not to ever forget
what the Americans did for them.

He asked me to follow him to an
Opel G.M. dealer where my car
could be repaired.

4 When we arrived at the dealership, he translated for
me. Before he left, he told me again that as a child,
he stood with his family, looking up into the sky
and they pledged that they would never forget what
America was doing for them. Waiting for the repair,
my newfound friend continued to express gratitude
to me for what my country had done for him and
his people in one of their darkest hours.

Although I had heard of the
horrible Nazi occupation of
Europe, my newfound friend’s
story personalized it. Later,
studying the events of the war in
Holland, I understood more what
had so impacted this man as a
child. ç Steve & Frankie Nutt