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Czechoslovakia was ruled by a communist
regime after World War II. In 1989, the Velvet
Revolution or the “Gentle Revolution” threw out
the Communists and reestablished democracy.

Protestors assembled in Prague numbered into
the hundreds of thousands. The communist
leaders resigned. Due to the weakness and
turmoil in the USSR, it was accomplished
without violence or bloodshed. In June 1990,
Czechoslovakia held its first democratic elections
since 1946. Czechoslovakia was free!
Historically, the region now known as Czech
Republic was once part of the Austrian Empire
and the Slovak area was a part of the Kingdom
of Hungary. In 1993, to resolve conflict between
these two main groups, the country divided and
formed the Czech and the Slovak Republics.

The population of Slovakia is 5.4 million. The
country is in need of the Gospel as it finds its way
and refines its identity. Pray for missionaries to
be called of God to Slovakia. Local churches
are needed. Christian resources are limited with
most of the Christian literature being available in
the Czech language but not in Slovak. Slovak is
the official language and is spoken by more than
80 percent of the population. The Bible or parts of
the Bible have been around since the first printing
in Slovak in the 15th century. Today, there is a need
to distribute Scripture to the general population.

Prayer Request: Pray that God will call missionary
couples to Slovakia. Pray that the Bible might be
distributed to these people so long in darkness.

For more information on Slovakia,
contact Ed Hembree,
BIMI Director for Europe.

Speak with him at BIMI 423-344-5050.