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by David Snyder
One of the BIMI ministries God has
used tremendously during our history is
Camp BIMI. This ministry began in the hearts
of Gerry and Diane Baughman and became a
reality with the first Camp BIMI, July 5–10,
1993. Soon after Camp BIMI began, the
Baughmans started a companion ministry
called Student Missionary Apprenticeship
Reality Training (SMART). This ministry
gave Camp BIMI alumni the opportunity to take a short-
term missions trip to experience the mission field firsthand.

David & Barb Snyd
er with
Gerry & Diane Baug
hman I have often heard Dr. Baughman talk about the “Three I’s” of Camp BIMI—Information,
Influence, and Inspiration. Students receive an incredible amount of information about missions
from experienced missionaries. Those missionaries (comprised mainly of BIMI Field Directors)
not only teach the students but also seek to influence them to do God’s will—whether or not that
includes becoming a full-time missionary. Finally, the atmosphere of Camp BIMI inspires students
to find where they fit in missions and to fulfill their role as laborers in God’s harvest field.

Eric Bohman
For 25 years (1993–2018) the Baughmans informed, influenced, and inspired 1,027
Camp BIMI students, who often affectionately referred to the Baughmans as Bro. B
and Mrs. B. A few years prior to 2018, Bro. B and I began to talk about who would
follow him as the Director of Camp BIMI. After much prayer and consideration, it was
determined that the Lord would have me to become the next Camp BIMI Director with
the help of two Assistant Directors, Eric Bohman (BIMI Africa Director) and Steven
Maldoff (BIMI Southeast Asia Director). As the Baughmans closed out 2½ decades of
faithful service as Camp BIMI and SMART Directors, the baton was passed to Brother
Bohman, Brother Maldoff, and me on June 29, 2018.

Twenty-seven years and counting—Counting on Christ! Please pray for the Baughmans
as they continue to encourage Camp BIMI alumni, speak in colleges,
preach in mission conferences, promote Camp BIMI, and—in
short—help Christians find where they fit in missions. Also,
please pray for Eric Bohman, Steven Maldoff, and me as
Steven Maldoff
we continue to build on the wonderful foundation laid
by Bro. & Mrs. B. We are thankful for the rich history of Camp
BIMI and SMART, and we are looking to the Lord for even greater
things in the future. We are counting on Christ as we inform,
influence, and inspire Christians of all ages concerning worldwide
evangelization and help them find where they fit in missions. W
10 Number 2, 2020