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We have seen churches started in Mexico, Belize,
Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua,
Costa Rica, and Panama. Our goal is to see local
New Testament Baptist churches started and
established. Many of these churches now have
national pastors and one church in Honduras,
Bethlehem Baptist Church of Danlí of Paraíso,
is sending a missionary to Africa. This church is
where Jason and Cassy Tate serve.

Reports of salvations come in from all over
Mexico and Central America. One testimony
came from Steve and Christine Cerna in El
Salvador. Steve wrote: “People have been
coming to church from different areas of the
city. Just recently, we led a young man to Christ
at the door of his home. Shortly after receiving
Christ, he quit playing rock music in a band,
married the woman he was living with, and
started the discipleship course. He has been
coming to church over the past month. Please
pray for him as he continues to learn about
God.” In a later letter, Steve reports that the
man was baptized and has begun to go out soul
winning. The Cernas saw over 150 souls come
to know the Lord in 2010. They continue to
work in the city of Santa Ana.

On September 19, 2017, a 7.1 magnitude
earthquake struck Cuernavaca, Mexico, one
week after we held our Field Conference in this
city. Effects of the quake were felt about 40 miles
north in the Xochimilco area of Mexico City. It
struck 32 years to the day after a massive 8.0
devastated Mexico City in 1985. Out of disaster
can come victory. Several of our missionaries
serving in Mexico City were able to travel to
the affected area to pass out water and supplies
and to minister to the victims as well as the first
responders working in the area. Souls came to
know the Lord through this tragedy. We thank
the Lord for missionaries who are willing to go
the extra mile to reach souls in need.

During the first week of November 2017, Kaye
and I were blessed as we took part in the 30th
Anniversary of La Iglesia Bautista Betel (Bethel
Baptist Church), the church we started in 1987.

It was great to see old friends and see new faces
in the church. To celebrate the anniversary
of the church, we had a revival meeting from
Wednesday through Sunday. The national
pastor planned a time of evangelization in
downtown San José on Saturday. We passed
out nearly 2,000 Gospel tracts and invitations
to the church.

In March 2018, I was privileged to visit three
BIMI missionary families in Nicaragua. Easter
Sunday, I preached three services with Miguel
and Leticia Parada in the city of León. Ricardo
and Angela Portillo are also in León, the
second largest city in Nicaragua. The Portillos
are working in two church plants. The Lord is
doing great things through these families. Later
in the trip, I spent a few days in Masaya and
Masatepe. There have been many protests in all
three of these cities. There is much unrest and
instability at the present time. Please pray for
the missionaries in Nicaragua for safety and
wisdom. Our missionaries in Mexico and Central
America have attempted great things for
God and God has answered by doing great
things. We thank God for all those who have
supported the work of missions in Mexico,
Central America, and all over the world. These
souls are fruit that abound to your account
(Philippians 4:17). Thank you for all you do for
the Lord and His work. W
2012 Alan & Becky Jackson – Bethlehem
Baptist Church of Danlí, Honduras, planted
2015 Don Carney – Church in Merida turned
over to Mexican leadership
Jeremy Blanz – Church plant in San Marcos,
Nicaragua, with national pastor Berner
2016 Jason Tate – Inaugural Pastoral
Training Week
2017 Frank Gant – National Pastor Guillermo
Barrientos ordained
30th Anniversary of Bethel Baptist Church in
Cuatro Reinas de Tibás, Costa Rica
2019 The Lopez family arrive in Mexico and
the Shertzers arrive in Belize
2020 Don Carney – Village church turned
over to Mexican leadership