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By Ed Hembree
To write of one decade of
missionary progress
in Europe is but to record the
blink of an eye. In reality, ten
years of activity is one brief
snapshot in the album of
centuries of missionary work
in Europe. When the Apostle Paul received
his Macedonian Call in Acts 16:6–10, Europe
became the very first mission field visited
by missionaries in obedience to the Great
Commission. Paul entered Greece almost
2,000 years ago and introduced the Gospel
of Christ in Europe. Since that beginning,
Christian Missions has continued throughout
the centuries. Sometimes, the church grew
dramatically; other times, it ebbed and
occasionally even went underground, but the
light of the Gospel was never extinguished. The
imperative to evangelize and plant churches has
continued to this day. Each new generation of
Europeans needed and still needs to be reached
with the message of the cross. Even though
there are almost 2,000 years of missionary
history, Europe, as in every other place, is but
one generation from darkness.

of souls have been led to Christ and hundreds
of churches have been started and turned
over to national leadership. Christian camps
have been organized, reaching thousands of
children every summer. A number of Bible
institutes and at least two Bible colleges have
been established to train national pastors and
church workers; many have helped orphans
and widows and have participated in other
church planting related ministries.

The history of BIMI missionaries in Europe
began in 1962, 58 years ago! From that first
couple who went to Spain, the BIMI family
of missionaries in Europe grew to over 120
missionaries at one point in time. Thousands
Exciting things have been happening in this
decade! 16
Number 2, 2020
With the collapse of the Iron Curtain in 1989,
the numbers of BIMI missionaries in Europe
grew dramatically. Of course, after a time the
“new” field of East Europe was not “new”
anymore. The question was if God would
continue to call laborers to His harvest field
in Europe? Are there servants who would be
willing to go to the many countries and the
750 million souls? Would churches still feel
the burden to support missionaries to Europe?
I sincerely praise the Lord that the answer to
all three questions is YES! God is still calling
laborers; Christians are still surrendering and
obeying His call; and churches are still sending,
praying for, and supporting missionaries to
European countries.

1. We have seen several “second
generation” missionaries go back to
their fields. Ukraine, Ireland, and