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Romania have received Ambassadors of
Christ who are a product of their parents’
ministry. 2. After 50 years of labor in Europe, this
decade BIMI was able to witness the
opening up of four brand new countries to
our missionaries. We have missionaries in
Republic of Georgia, Greece, Finland, and
Croatia—all new fields for us! Praise the
Lord! 3. Replacement missionaries are being called
by God to fill the shoes of those who have
fought the good fight and have finished
their course. Spain, Germany, Scotland,
Ireland, England, Belarus, and Israel
have all received young, energetic, and
motivated missionaries to continue the
work and plant churches for the glory of
God. 4. Our veteran missionaries in more than 20
countries in Europe continue to see people
accept Christ, nationals surrender and
train, and churches organize. The Gospel
has taken root in so many places!
So often we think of Europe as a graveyard for
missions. This is not true! For the missionary who
is God-called, there awaits a fertile field. Yes, it
will require tilling the soil, preparing the seedbed,
planting and watering the seed of the Gospel, and
cultivating to keep out the weeds—but for the
committed missionary who is willing to invest his/
her life, there WILL be a reaping, a harvest.

This decade has truly been a DECADE OF
PROGRESS! As I write this and reflect on what has
been done, I cannot help but LOOK FORWARD
to what will be done in the next decade. Perhaps a
decade is only a snapshot in the album of history.

However, brief moments of time can be most
important! If you were a European in darkness and
a missionary came and showed you the light of the
Gospel, it would be the most important snapshot
in all history!
Thank you for praying and for supporting BIMI
missionaries throughout Europe. We are your
co-laborers in this great harvest field. It is an honor
to represent you in the regions beyond. We sincerely
do desire fruit that may abound to your account
(Philippians 4:17). W