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By David Harris
God’s Grace in Asia is evident throughout the
60 years of BIMI ministry and history. The
work of God is exciting as we look back and as
we consider the future. With every soul saved
and with every church planted, the cause of
Christ advances. As missionaries heed God’s
call, amazing stories reveal that God is at work
around the world.

God’s Grace in Japan
BIMI is blessed with missionaries past and
present who have spent a lifetime preaching
the Word in Japan. The names of some of these
are Sisk, Frazier, Simeonsson, White, Craig,
Carter, Gardner, Ward, and many more. All of
these spent many years on the field—some as
many as 30 or 40 years and counting.

Those who know what God did in the early days
of ministry in Japan stand in awe each time we
hear a retelling of it. From those early converts,
many ministries continue as new missionaries
arrive on the field and as indigenized churches
are blessed with further growth. Men such as
Pastor Sogoro Ogawa and Pastor Hiroyuki
Omote continue to preach and to see people
saved and called into the ministry because of
their faithfulness.

Pastor Ogawa, before salvation, attended the
opening service of the Senri Newtown Baptist
Church where Don Sisk preached through an
interpreter. He was an English major in college
who attended the first service solely to hear a
native English speaker and having no spiritual
interest. That night God reached into his heart
and showed him his need of salvation. A year
and a half later, he began pastoring what is now
one of the largest independent Baptist churches
in Japan—one that continues to send laborers
into the harvest.

18 Pastor Omote was reached by
the ministry of Ron White. After
his salvation, his parents kicked
him out of their home. Faithful
prayer saw them come to Christ
32 years later. God blessed
Pastor Omote with an amazing opportunity
to reach the leader of a Kingdom Hall. After
dealing with this man for some time, about
30 in that congregation trusted Christ and a
nationwide outreach formed, seeing hundreds
of Jehovah’s Witnesses come to Christ.

One of the first young men reached married
Pastor Omote’s daughter and later became a
church planter in northern Japan. Pastor Kosaki
had been preparing to be a missionary with
the Jehovah’s Witnesses and was knocking on
doors 40 hours each week before his salvation.

After he was saved, he would ask churches this
question: “Now that I know Christians have
the truth, why don’t we do more to tell others?”
Pastor Ogawa and Pastor Omote were some
of the first students in what became the
Kansai Independent Baptist Bible School that
continues to train laborers for the harvest. Since
graduating in the 70s, several of these men are
still pastoring their respective churches and
have been preaching for over 50 years! An
amazing blessing is to see their children follow
in ministry, ready to step into leadership roles
in the future.

In recent years, God has blessed BIMI’s work
in Japan with a new group of young families.

They are learning the language and planning
to start new churches. Our prayer is for more
laborers for this needy field, which is one of the
largest unreached people groups in the world.