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By Tony Bulawa
By Tony Bulawa
Deuteronomy 7:9 declares The Lord thy God, he is God, the faithful God, which
keepeth covenant and mercy. Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians 1:9 and 10:13 that
God is faithful. Certainly, every child of God can give testimony to the Lord’s
faithfulness in his life. We each experience His faithfulness in new mercies
every morning as well as in those special times when the Lord answers a prayer
request in a way that is exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.

Pastor Steve Stone presently serves as the pastor of Camp Creek Baptist Church
in South Carolina. Prior to becoming the pastor of Camp Creek, Pastor Stone and his wife,
Kathy, were sent by this church as missionaries to the Far North. They became missionaries
with BIMI in 1981. In June 2010, Brother Stone was appointed as Far North Director for
BIMI and served in the position through June 2018. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak
with Pastor Stone about the years he served as the Far North Director. The recurring theme of
that conversation was God’s faithfulness. My interview with Pastor Stone is as follows:
Tony Bulawa: What were some of the
highlights of Far North Missions during
your time as Director?
Pastor Steve Stone: In the first missionary
Candidate School that I was a part of as Far
North Director, Wes and Rebecca
Burns were missionary candidates.

Though I had never met them,
they were an answer to my prayers.

For years, I had asked the Lord to
raise up young Canadian men to
preach the Gospel in the Far North.

The Burns still faithfully serve in Québec,
Canada. As Far North Director, I began to ask
the Lord to raise up families to take the Gospel
to the Metropolitan areas of Canada. The Lord
answered those prayers and called families to
places such as Montréal and Toronto.

TB: What were some of the challenges of
Far North Missions during your time as
Director? 20
Number 2, 2020
SS: The pace of church planting in the Far
North is often slower than in some other
areas of the world. Many missionaries spend
30 years or more in the planting of a single
church. Some of our veteran missionaries
had faithfully served for decades in the same
town or remote village and were in need of
co-laborers to come and help continue in
the work. Helping supporting pastors and
churches to understand that the work of
church planting in the Far North most often
is the work of a lifetime could sometimes be
a challenge. Also, helping people see the need
for missionaries in the Far North, especially
in a place like Canada that on the surface
seems to be so like the United States to many,
presented a unique challenge.

TB: How did the Lord give victory in some
of those challenges?
SS: We always knew there was a need for
more laborers, and the Lord was faithful to
raise up and call some to the Far North. To