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see young families answering the call and
Canadians surrendering to service was a
victory. Churches that continued to support
missionaries through decades of ministry
in the North was a victory the Lord gave.

Even for those missionaries who have served
so faithfully for decades and still needed
replacements, it was a victory to see the Lord
enable them to continue in the work.

TB: What did you consider to be one of the
single greatest needs of Far North Missions
during your time as Director?
SS: Besides the obvious need for more
laborers throughout the Far North, it had to
be Greenland. The Lord burdened my heart
for this country and I began to pray and ask
Him to provide the funds for a survey trip. It
was not long before the Lord provided special
gifts through different churches for me to go
to Greenland. Through those gifts, the Lord
also provided enough funds for Don Arnold
(former BIMI videographer) to travel with me,
so we could produce a video and present the
need for missionaries in this country. My trip
to Greenland served to increase my burden for
laborers there, and I prayed regularly for the
Lord to call missionaries to this needy place.

TB: How did the Lord meet this need?
SS: After returning from Greenland, I met
Gage Gilbert who was a student at Camp
BIMI. During that week at Camp BIMI,
I presented the need of Greenland to the
students, and the Lord impressed me to speak
personally with Gage as well. I gave Gage a
National Geographic issue with a cover story
about Greenland. I had picked that magazine
up in the airport on my way home from
Greenland. I also asked Gage to prayerfully
consider what the Lord would have him do
to meet that need. He took me up on my
request, and today Gage and his wife, Aleah,
are missionaries with BIMI. They are in the
final stages of raising their support to serve in
Greenland. The Lord is blessing the ministry of
this young couple. To have a missionary family
on their way to Greenland, a place some told
me no one would ever go, was a tremendous
blessing and great victory from the Lord.

Pastor Stone’s account of the Lord’s faithfulness in Far North Missions is one that could be
repeated by each of the missionaries serving in this part of the world. No doubt, they could
speak at length about God’s faithfulness to them and the ministries to which He has called
them. The Lord is forever faithful!
The need for laborers in the Far North is still great. Would you prayerfully consider how the
Lord could use you in Far North Missions? If you would like to learn more about missions
in Alaska, Canada, or Greenland, please visit or contact Tony
Bulawa at W
2010 Steve Stone Appointed Far North Director
2013 First BIMI Survey Trip to Greenland
2017 Gilberts Approved as Missionaries to Greenland
2018 Tony Bulawa Becomes Far North Director
2020 10/40 North Project Launched