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By Sean Lunday
Bible Institutes
Christian Schools
6 Institutes & Seminaries
Training Many for Ministry
3 Christian Day Schools
2 Christian Publishers
Deaf Ministries
Sending Missionaries
4 Churches for Deaf & Several
Ministries with Interpreters
Church Planting
3 Mission Agencies with
Missionaries in Africa, Asia,
Europe, Latin America, Jews
156 Churches Begun by BIMI
Missionaries with Many Others
Started by National Pastors
Trained under Their Leadership
Isolated Tribes
Reaching Unevangelized Tribes,
Medical Missions
24 Brazil has often been
called “the sleeping giant” or
“the country of the future.”
As this giant awakens to
the Gospel, the potential
is limitless for becoming a
missionary sending agent!
Christian Camps
4 Camp Ministries Where Many
Have Surrendered to Ministry

National Pastors &
New Church Plants
By Roger Blevins
It has often been said, “A missionary’s job is to work
himself out of a job!” Of course, what is meant by that is
that the missionary is to plant a new church, stay with
that new work long enough to get it well established,
train a national pastor for the church, and then move
on to begin the process all over again in a new location. Then there
is the method of the “mother church” where the missionary stays
with the initial church he plants and the “mother church” sends
out national pastors to plant new churches. Both approaches
are effective and both have been practiced over the years by our
missionaries in South America. While human intervention—that
is to say missionary work is invaluable, we must remember the
words of the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 3:6, I have planted,
Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. The missionary should
work as though it all depends on him and pray as though it all
depends on God. That is a winning combination every time!
BIMI missionaries have planted hundreds of churches in South
America over the years. Most of those churches have given birth
to at least one new church plant. Some have been used by the Lord
to plant multiple new churches. One of the best examples is the
Iglesia Bautista Estrella de Belén (The Star of Bethlehem Baptist
Church) in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. The Star of Bethlehem Baptist
Church has had a hand in planting more than 40 new churches all
over Bolivia, many of them in the last 10 years. National pastors
called out of the ministry of the Star of Bethlehem Baptist Church
pastor dozens of these churches.

The Bible education and training of national pastors are of critical
importance. Because of this, BIMI missionaries throughout
South America have had the vision to begin Bible institutes and
seminaries. Two of the larger such ministries are located in Santa
Cruz, Bolivia, and Tucumán, Argentina, under the direction of
missionaries Jake Wiebe and Larry Owens respectively. W
Baptist International
Seminary in
Santa Cruz,
Bolivia Structural
& Leadership
Changes By Roger Blevins
BIMI has maintained Portuguese-
speaking Brazil administratively
separate from the rest of mostly
Spanish-speaking South America
because of the sheer size of the
country and the difference in
language. Brazil was assigned
her own Field Director. This
past year, the Board of Trustees
approved the uniting of Brazil
with the rest of South America
under the watchcare of just one
Field Director, Sean Lunday, the
previous Brazil Director, effective
June 2020.

Knowing that statistics can
quickly become boring when
looking back over the past decade
of ministry, one must still take
into consideration the numbers.

After all, numbers represent
people and all people have souls
and souls are important to God.

So important, in fact, that God
put a whole book in His Word
named Numbers!
From 2010 through 2019, our
South America missionaries
(excluding Brazil*) reported the
following: w 13,221 professions of faith
w 3,598 baptisms
w 52 new church plants
w 44 missionaries on the field
w 6 missionaries currently on
deputation * Please see Sean Lunday’s report
for statistics regarding the
ministry in Brazil.