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Come Down & Help Us!
By Roger Blevins
For more than 55 years, Baptist international Missions, Inc. (BIMI), has had a
presence in South America. Upwards of 350 BIMI missionaries have served in South
America over the course of five decades. Tens of thousands of souls have been saved
and hundreds of churches planted. Hundreds of national pastors have been called
of God and received training through scores of special instructional classes, Bible
institutes, and seminaries. Yet today, as in days of old when the Apostle Paul heard the
Macedonian Call, we hear the plea from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia,
Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay,
Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela all
saying, Will someone please come down and
help us?
That call comes from more than 430 million
souls, most of whom are in urgent need
of someone who will hear their cries and
respond Here am I; send me. The need
is growing with every passing day, and
time is slipping away. As long as there
are mountain villages and sprawling
cities that have not yet been reached,
the call will continue to ring out. There
is so much work to be done, so many
opportunities to serve, and so many
hearts to reach with the life-changing
Gospel. Whether it be teaching literacy
classes using the Bible as a text book
as BIMI missionary Carolyn Pace is
doing in Peru or sending boxes of food
and clothing to Venezuela to help BIMI
missionary Carlos Arce feed
the hungry, the possibilities
are endless. Please pray that
the Lord of the harvest will
send forth laborers to answer
that call emanating from the
fourth largest continent in
the world. Come down and
help us! W
26 Number 2, 2020