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By Steven Maldoff
One million Bibles! That is a
large number of copies of the
Word of God! Yet, that was the
target number to distribute to the
students of Papua New Guinea
(PNG) by the end of the year 2020.

More than 725,000 Scriptures
have been distributed and the remaining
275,000 are in country ready to be handed out.

Consider the impact of one million students
and teachers owning their very own copy
of the Bible. Think about what God can do
through this effort. After reading the message
of the Gospel, people will be confronted by
the Holy Spirit and convicted of their need for
salvation. Think of the exposure to the truth
and principles of God and the potential impact
on the future leaders of this nation.

From 2016 to 2020, Baptist International
Missions, Inc. (BIMI), has focused its spotlight
directly on PNG after hearing that their
government wanted to utilize our mission
agency to get Bibles into the hands of every
student in the country. We moved swiftly into
action through prayer and planning as we
trusted God to make this a reality. We promoted
the opportunity to churches and Christians
everywhere and asked for financial help. And did
they respond! More than three million dollars
has been given to aid in the cost of printing the
Bibles, shipping them from Europe to PNG, and
delivering them directly to the students.

28 Number 2, 2020
People ask why BIMI was approached by the
PNG government to make such an effort. They
had heard of our past Bible distributions and
wanted the same for their country. Thankfully,
the LORD prepared us for this experience with
the same task in Fiji, Solomon Islands, and
Indonesia. In 2010, we began logistical planning to get
Bibles distributed throughout the Solomon
Islands, specifically on the islands of Malaita
and Guadalcanal. At the time, the target goal
was to hand out 28,000 Bibles to the students.

God provided the necessary funds for what
seemed like an impossibly high number of
Bibles. Of course, dealing with the logistics
of getting the Word of God across the waters
and to remote locations was no easy task. Yet,
men like Alan Brooks, Assistant Southeast
Asia Director, tackled this challenge with an
unwavering dedication to the job. He worked
with other BIMI missionaries as they traversed
remote locales, no matter how difficult, to give
out the Scriptures. A lot of experience and old-
fashioned know-how was gained during this
effort. Praise the LORD for the spread of His
Word across the islands!
This was followed in 2012 by a distribution
of Bibles in Fiji. Alan Brooks met the Prime
Minister of the nation, and this opened the
door for them to invite BIMI to give Bibles
to the students across the country’s entire