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school system. This new challenge was going
to encompass approximately 225,000 students.

The population of Fiji stretches across nearly
100 islands, and the level of difficulty increased.

Accessible only by boat, remote islands were
just one of the challenges ahead. Using the
knowledge gained from previous efforts,
Alan Brooks completed a very successful
distribution in 2014.

Along with the effort in PNG that is currently
underway, the entire decade has been filled
with distributing Bibles across the islands of the
South Pacific. Smaller Bible distribution efforts
are currently happening on the islands of Samoa,
led by Jim and Emi Civale. A distribution will
begin in 2021 on the island of Kiribati through
the hard work of Joel and Brooke Daku.

Over 1.3 million Bibles collectively have
been given out and countless lives have been
transformed by Christ. People have put their
faith in Christ. Churches have been started
in villages where there were none before.

Outreach ministries have expanded because
of the openness in the hearts of many to the
truths of the Scriptures. Even here in the
United States, people have been touched by
the Holy Spirit to serve as missionaries in
these nations where the Bible has been given
out. There has been an incredible saturation of
the Word of God that we pray will have a long-
lasting impact on the spiritual condition of the
people in the South Pacific.

The most significant focus and emphasis this
past decade have been on the activities in
the South Pacific, but the Lord has also been
working in the hearts and lives of people in
the countries of Southeast Asia. Throughout
much of the history of nations such as
Cambodia, Indonesia, or Nepal, there has
never been an impactful Christian presence.

Religious faiths like Buddhism, Hinduism,
or Islam are overwhelmingly predominant
in these countries. For example, only one
percent of Thailand’s population identifies
with Christianity. The need for missionaries
representing Jesus Christ and proclaiming the
Gospel has always been tremendous.

Throughout the first 50 years of BIMI, there has
never been a large workforce of missionaries
serving in Thailand. Philip and Colette Pope
were accepted by BIMI in 1976 and they have
faithfully served in Thailand. Over the next 24
years, only two other BIMI families joined the
Popes in Thailand, albeit for a short time. Yet,
that has all changed since 2010.

God has been working in the hearts of
numerous families, putting upon them a
burden to reach the Thai people. In 2009, a new
family joined the Mission and is now serving in
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2011 Solomon Island Bible Distribution Commences (25,000 Bibles)
2013 Fiji Bible Distribution Begins (225,000 Bibles)
2014 Steven Maldoff Begins as Southeast Asia Field Director
2017 PNG Bible Distribution Begins (1 million Bibles)