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By Bob Larson — USA Director
It is amazing that in the year 2020 there are many regions and places across the
United States where multitudes of people have never heard the Good News that
Jesus saves. In Acts 1:8, the Lord gave the church the scope or boundaries of His
Great Commission. His command for the church was to go into “Jerusalem, and
in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” We cannot
and must not reach one area without the other or one region to the exclusion of
the other. All four areas mentioned in Acts 1:8 are to be reached by the church and
to be done so simultaneously. The world is a vast mission field but let us always remember
that America is part of that world. Missions is not geography. Missions is people.

60 Years of Church Planting in America
Since 1960, the United States division of BIMI (Reseeding America) has always been about
bringing biblical change to America through the planting of new churches. Over the past
10 years since the 50th Anniversary of BIMI, our Reseeding America church planters have
continued to plant New Testament Baptist churches in areas of our country where Bible-
believing churches were desperately needed. Over the past decade, many of our USA church
planting missionaries have started churches in what we call “mainstream” America. Others
have planted churches to reach different ethnic groups in our nation and still others have
planted churches to reach the deaf and Native Americans. We appreciate the efforts of all
our USA missionaries over the years.

Today, more than ever, we need to reach our homeland with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It is
also important to remember we can increase our missionary force worldwide by increasing
our missionary source here at home. By investing in USA church planting, your mission
offering or missions support for a USA missionary church planter will be multiplied tenfold,
twenty-fold, even thirty-fold. This is accomplished when a USA missionary gets a new
church started and challenges his congregation to get involved in sending and supporting
new missionaries out to the worldwide harvest.

Church Restart and Restoration Ministry
Since 2011, the Reseeding America Church Restart and Restoration Ministry has grown
at a rapid rate. In this day in which we live, we need to plant or start hundreds of new
independent Baptist churches right here at home to keep up with our present population
growth. At the same time, we must find ways to keep the doors of our existing churches
open and functioning and doing what the Bible commands the church to do.

Today, less than 20 percent of all Americans attend church on a regular basis. As a result,
churches are dying in exceptionally large numbers. Over the past ten years, this is a trend