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that appears to be accelerating. Currently, in America
3,500 to 4,500 churches close their doors each year! That
number represents all denominations. What is shocking
to see as one looks at the statistics, 800 to 900 of those
churches are Baptist churches!
Reseeding America has been busy the past ten years
conducting a church revitalization program to assist
churches in decline. Because many of these churches
do not have a pastor, we begin with locating a man who
can restart the church. We first try to utilize our BIMI
missionaries who have returned to the States from a
foreign field. We will encourage them to restart some of
these churches. Many times, their missionary experience
in starting a church and pastoring a congregation can
prove to be a huge help and blessing for churches that
need to be rescued. We also utilize men for church restarts
who have the same doctrinal position and standards that
we hold and who have contacted us and are available for
this type of ministry. Examples would be retired pastors,
missionaries, or evangelists. The age-old problem has
always been manpower and we are constantly looking
for capable and trained men to assist us in this great
restoration effort.

A Major Focus for the Future
There are now 381 metropolitan cities across America.

These large, sprawling urban areas are now home to 82
percent of our nation’s population. This means the great
majority of America’s unchurched and unreached live in
our large cities. To effectively reach the metro multitudes,
it will take hundreds of new church plants and hundreds
of God-called metro church planters with a vision to
reach the untapped metropolitan mission fields of the
United States. As we go forward with this ministry of
church planting, we will continue to focus on this need.

To accomplish this task, it will take a major investment
by the churches in our movement to assist men who are
willing to start and pastor churches in metro America.

Please Partner with Us in Prayer
As we enter into a new decade of ministry, we are asking
churches and God’s people across this nation to partner
with us in prayer, asking God to raise up church planters
and church planting families to join the Reseeding
America ministry to plant and restart churches right
here in our homeland. We welcome the opportunity to
partner with churches as well as individuals in this effort.

Therefore said he unto them, “The harvest truly is great,
but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of
the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his
harvest” (Luke 10:2). W
2010 Reseeding
America Northeast USA Church Planting
Survey — This was a twelve-day survey
trip with eight men traveling as a team
and meeting with church planters and
seeing the need for churches in the
Northeast United States.

2011 Reseeding America embarks
on aggressive church restart and
church restoration ministry that will
result in 43 churches being restarted
between 2011 and 2019.

2013 Bob Larson becomes the
USA Director for BIMI in June.

2014 Pacific Northwest Church
Planting Survey Trip — In conjunction
with the BIMI Open Door Project,
Reseeding America conducts a church
planting survey trip to the Pacific
Northwest. In ten days this seven-man
team met with and heard from over
25 church planters and pastors in the
Pacific Northwest and visited many
communities with no Baptist churches
in the states of Washington, Oregon,
and Idaho.

BIMI Reseeding America
launches large fundraising effort to
assist in the rebuilding of independent
Baptist churches in the Gulf Coast hit
by Hurricane Harvey.

2018 BIMI Reseeding America
introduces “Seeing the Multitudes” to
raise awareness of the need for new
churches and for church planters to
consider the metropolitan cities in
America. 2020
“Righteousness Exalteth
a Nation” is the latest effort from
Reseeding America to bring biblical
change back to America through
church planting and the restarting of
churches in decline.

Number 2, 2020