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Southeast Asia continued from page 29
Bangkok. The next two years, 2010 and 2011, two
new families were called to missions for Thailand.

Additions to the workforce continued with three
more couples dedicated to Thailand in 2013 and
2015. With the continued steadfastness of the
Popes, Thailand now has the most missionary
families of any country in BIMI’s Southeast Asia
and South Pacific fields. Churches are being
established, and Thai people are coming to
Christ. Discipleship is taking root, and God is
calling Thai men to preach. The cycle of missions
is happening for BIMI missionaries in Thailand
unlike any period in all of BIMI’s previous years.

God has scattered families all over different
parts of the nation, allowing the influence of
the Gospel to be throughout the country. A
subsequent extension of these ministries is the
influencing and training of Christians who travel
in from border nations like Laos and Myanmar.

These past ten years missionary families have risen
to the challenge of preaching Christ in a place like
Thailand. It has been tremendously exciting; yet,
we have not even begun to scratch the surface
about the amount of work needed to penetrate
Southeast Asia with the Good News of Christ.

Laborers are needed to serve and work in other
countries such as Cambodia, Singapore, and India.

Whereas God has opened the door for the spread
of the Gospel and of His Word across the islands
of the South Pacific, it does not negate the fact that
continued preaching, teaching, and discipleship
is necessary. We are thankful for all God is doing
through our missionaries in Southeast Asia and
the South Pacific, but we pray passionately for
what lies ahead. What will the next ten years bring?
Where will God call forth the next generation of
Christians to serve? We know that God will work
and do great and mighty things. The question is—
Will He use you to do it? W
Military continued from page 23
While being stationed in Sicily, I met my husband, David. We attended Calvary Baptist
Church, pastored by BIMI military missionaries Allen and Elizabeth Hamilton. While
under their ministry, we decided to put Christ in the center of our marriage and have
promised each other to spend the rest of our lives honoring God. We endeavor to be good
testimonies to each other and others and to serve those in need. Currently, I am stationed
in Okinawa, Japan, where BIMI military missionary Stu Jellison is my pastor at North
Shore Baptist Church.”
Just last year the Lord provided BIMI’s Military Ministry the opportunity to play a part in the “rescue”
from closing of Grace Baptist Church, Baumholder, Germany. Due to slated downsizing by the US
Army, preparations were unwillingly being made to close the doors of this longstanding church in the
community. By God’s grace and providence, that governmental decision was reversed! However, due
to various circumstances, the “For Lease” sign was already posted in the yard of Grace Baptist. Divine
intervention brought the dire situation of the church to the attention of BIMI military missionary
Tom Lancaster. Tom, in partnership with fellow missionaries Jeff Alverson and Bryan Baggett, along
with the sacrificial efforts of other men of God and the generous financial support of many pastors
and individuals, kept the doors of Grace Baptist Church open. Currently, BIMI military missionary
Joe Passaro is serving as the pastor of this grateful body of believers. To God be the Glory!
I am sure that these testimonies have touched your heart. Perhaps God has used them as a prompting
in your spirit about how He would like to use you to reach our US military. There are many
opportunities of service in Military Missions and we stand ready to help you in accomplishing those
mission objectives. W
32 Number 2, 2020

Caribbean continued from page 13
have a unique ministry with the youth. Whosoever
Baptist Church has grown and now they are
modifying the building to provide more space.

Recently, Wes started another ministry in Derriere.

God is blessing and they are seeing souls saved.

Further south in the West Indies lies the group of
islands called the Grenadines. Joseph and Donna
Childers have focused on Grenville, the second
largest town in Grenada. Recently, the church was
able to purchase land and build a building. Coco
Chan has joined their team. God has opened
opportunities to teach the Bible in schools and the
juvenile detention center. Lighthouse Baptist also
has a Bible institute and several young men are
preparing to serve the Lord.

Just north of Venezuela is the island of Trinidad.

John and Brenda Gossett have been there for several
terms. On their first term, they were able to see
Trinity Baptist Church in Arima grow. God raised
up Keith Lovelace to be the national pastor. The
Gossetts then went over to Amazing Grace Baptist
Church. After a term, God provided a wonderful
national pastor to lead that church. John and
Brenda went out to an area called Sangre Grande
to start a new work. This area is a stronghold of
Hinduism, but they are seeing God answer prayer.

Several have been saved and are faithful. About
a year ago, an independent Baptist missionary
passed away and John felt led to help his church.

This means the Gossetts are serving two churches
at one time. Trinidad has tightened its immigration
policies. Pray that those policies will be relaxed and
we can see more missionaries entering Trinidad.

For years we have been praying that BIMI might
have a missionary in one of the French islands.

This year, Jeremy and Mattie Benbrooks received
their visas for the island of Martinique. They are
the first independent Baptist missionaries to be
located in Martinique in several decades. Please
pray for them as they seek God’s direction in
finding a location to start a new church.

The island most eastward in the West Indies
is Barbados. After serving in Nigeria, Robert
and Rhoda Smith relocated to this island. They
established St. Philip’s Independent Baptist Church.

Until last year. they met in an old industrial school.

The Lord has provided a building and land that are
well suited for the church. God has been good to
meet the need of the church, and our missionaries
are seeing much fruit for their labor.

Back in the early 1970s, Al Snyder, manager; Rolen
Cornelius, assistant manager; and Curtis Waite,
engineer, moved to Antigua to build Caribbean
Radio Lighthouse (CRL). God provided for this
unique Christian radio station. Over the years,
CRL continues to present consistent biblical truth
and godly music. Jerry Baker and his wife joined
the staff in 1979 and served there until Nathan
and Renee Owens arrived in 2010. CRL provides
English and Spanish 24-hour broadcasts via AM
and FM. During hurricanes or times of distress,
CRL is sending out the good news of the Gospel.

Several months ago, a woman who was about to
commit suicide called the station. She did not want
any visits, but the staff wisely prayed with her over
the telephone. She made a commitment to call the
staff the following morning for a special time of
prayer again. This continued for several weeks.

Today, she has a wonderful testimony of salvation
and spiritual growth because of CRL. Now she
goes around to have prayer with those who are
depressed and she encourages them to listen to
CRL, where she found encouragement to live.

Although this is only a snippet of all the BIMI works
in the Caribbean, we rejoice in what God is doing.

It is our joy to serve the King of kings, and Lord of
lords as a family of missionaries. Please pray for God’s
continued guidance and for more laborers to help us
in the Caribbean and West Indies. W